Tallia Storm Reveals How She Became Elton John's Protegée!

Scottish singer Tallia Storm Tallia Storm has stolen hearts around the world since Elton John asked her to perform on stage with him when she was just 13. In this latest episode of SweetBeatTV, Alex Powers sits down with Scottish singer and fashionista Tallia Storm and learns all about the incredible fate encounter that led to Tallia's opening performance for Elton John in Scotland! If you want to see the full version of the Tallia's song "Our Love Should Last Forever," click here! Tallia was vacationing with her family in Hawaii when her father spotted Tallia's favorite performer, Elton John, in the elevator. When she saw Elton John's partner, David Furnish, later on the trip, she HAD to give him a sample of her singing. Furnish agreed to pass the music along to Elton John. The next day, before Tallia's plane ride back to Scotland, she got a phone call from none other than Elton John himself! The conversation eventually led to Elton asking Tallia Storm to open one of his shows in Scotland! Since that fateful event, Tallia's incredible voice and fierce sense of fashion have helped her gain notoriety worldwide! Are you one of Tallia's newest fans? Tallia Storm sings "Our Love Will Last Forever"