Billie Eilish's Nail Tech Tammy Taylor Reveals the Summer's Biggest Mani Trends and More

Tammy Taylor is a nail tech to the stars, and if you've seen Billie Eilish's iconic nails, you know why her bold looks are so coveted.

Tammy is a mainstay in the nail world, designing some of the most celebrated mani designs around, so when we were asked if we were interested in chatting with her, we had to say yes. She told us all about her start in the business, her favorite celebrity manicure ever and what looks we'll be seeing everywhere this summer. Keep reading to find out more.

Sweety High: How have you established yourself in the beauty industry?

Tammy Taylor: I opened up my first nail salon at 18 and started manufacturing my own nail product line when I was 21. I have created hundreds of products, done over 500 YouTube nail tutorials, designed celebrity nails and taught thousands of hands-on classes and seminars.

When I started in the nail industry, everything was new and we didn't have a selection of quality products or nail education. Because I am a licensed nail technician and I know what's important to a nail technician and their clients, I have built my company on the highest quality products, superior education and above-and-beyond customer service. I personally create and test my own products, setting the trends and developing revolutionary products.

My nail products are loved by both professional nail technicians and their clients!


SH: What do you think are going to be the biggest nail looks this summer in terms of colors, patterns and shapes?

TT: The biggest trend that I see now is super fun and funky nails! Swirls, waves, gradients—super fun and psychedelic. Mixing different bright colors or monochromatic looks are really in and here to stay. The long square shape is back, which is my personal favorite.


SH: What chic but simple look do you recommend this summer for girls who are new to the mani game?

TT: A different color on each nail. We started this trend years ago when launching collections. I really wanted to show off that every color in the collection can be worn together or separate. What's great about this is that you could use any color combination. You can do rainbow, or different shades of your favorite color!


SH: What is the best piece of advice you give someone that's new to doing nails?

TT: Whether you are pursuing nails as a career or doing nails for fun on yourself, I recommend checking out my YouTube channel. I have over 500 videos demonstrating all different nail procedures and techniques from a simple gel manicure to a two-inch long acrylic nail—and everything in between! You can also check out my Pinterest, which has hundreds of nail design step-by-step's, and my Instagram to give you nail inspiration.


SH: Has there been a particular celebrity design you love that you'll always remember?

TT: My all-time favorite nails has to be Billie's first set of nails she's ever gotten. They were extra long, teardrop stiletto nails using my SCULPT line, which is an acrylic-gel hybrid. We put Mesh Bodysuit Gelegance Gel Polish as the color and topped it off with Silky Matte Top Coat. This look was so iconic and fun to do! Super simple but very very edgy.


SH: Can you tell us about your Beauty Gripper? How does it work, and why is it essential with gals for long nails?

TT: The Beauty Gripper is a one-of-a-kind beauty tool. A few years ago, I was doing my makeup and was so frustrated that my beautiful nails kept getting so dirty from my beauty sponge. I looked all over for a device to hold my sponge while applying makeup. I found nothing, so I created the Beauty Gripper. To use, all you need to do is attach it to your beauty sponge and simply apply your makeup. Your nails will only touch the Beauty Gripper, not the wet sponge

The Beauty Gripper is a holder for your beauty blenders, giving you ultimate precision for application and keeping your nails and fingers clean. It's washable and disinfectable, holds any size beauty blender, can be used as a drying stand when washing your beauty blender and keeps your beauty blender clean from any contamination on your counter while keeping your counter clean. Plus, it gives you the ultimate precision.


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