Things You'll Only Understand If You're High-Key Obsessed With Target

We love Target. Seriously, just one look at that red bullseye and we go weak in the knees.

Target store logo and blue sky

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If you have similar sentiments about the mother of all retail stores, scroll below and prepare to relate to these experiences that you'll only truly understand if you're obsessed with this store.

1. It's a Therapeutic Experience

Let's be real, sometimes you go to Target just to mindlessly stroll down the aisles and unwind. Who cares if you don't buy anything, it's relaxing!

Aisles of a Target retail store

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2. You've Memorized the Store's Floor Plan

You know Target's layout better than most employees, tbh. You could walk blindfolded through the store and still get everything you need. It's a true skill.

3. You Always Go for the Cart

As soon as you enter a Target, you go straight for the cart—no fooling around with a basket. That'll never hold all the essential non-essentials you'll be picking up.

Target carts

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4. The Target Dollar Spot Is Life

From headphones to candy to cute little mason jars, the dollar spot has it all. And you need all of it.

5. It's Your Go-to Store for Gifts

Anytime a holiday or birthday rolls around, you know that Target is your answer. You find the cutest trinkets and gifts for your friends and fam.

6. You Could Spend Hours in Their Makeup Aisles

Target's makeup aisles bring you joy like you've never experienced. Don't apologize for spending a good amount of your Target trip just perusing the latest and greatest CoverGirl products.

Target makeup aisle

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7. It's Your School Supply One-Stop Shop

Whether it's the beginning of the school year, or just a random Tuesday in March, you are #obsessed with Target's stationary and school supply section. You own every colorful planner and note set they offer. No regrets.

8. You Live in Target Clothing

Your closet is a mini version of Target's clothing section. Your friends don't have to ask what brand your cute top or new skinny jeans are, because they already know it's Mossimo.


9. You Can't Get Out Without Buying More Than You Need

No matter how hard you try, you always end up leaving the store with way more than you anticipated. The worst part is, you usually forget the one item you actually came there to purchase. Oops.

Two people shopping at Target

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We weren't kidding when we said we were in l-o-v-e with this retail store. Don't believe us? Take a peek HERE at our sincere love letter we wrote to Target.