A Sincere Love Letter to Target, the Greatest Retail Store I've Ever Known


There's no real way to put into words what you've done for me, so I've taken it upon myself to write you a love letter that can hopefully in some way capture how I feel.

Target store logo with emoji hearts surrounding it

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Our relationship began at a young age. Whenever my mom would announce that we were visiting you, I'd light up, ecstatic that I'd soon be in the presence of your magnificent bullseye.

Visiting you meant getting pushed around in a big red cart with a box of overflowing popcorn and a large Wild Cherry ICEE in hand. Visiting you meant I'd get to parade the aisles perusing through your many treasures.

When we first were introduced, you entertained me with your toy aisle, your collection of board games and your endless amount of school supplies.

I spent countless hours in your magazine and book section, sprawled out on the floor, flipping through the pages of Harry Potter and waiting for my mother to finish her errands.

As I got older, you propelled my love for fashion and beauty.

Target makeup aisle

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I remember the day you were there for me when I bought my first tube of mascara—that precious green and pink Maybelline Great Lash wand. I remember the day I bought an outfit for one of my first-ever dates in junior high school—I still have that floral top.

You were there for it all.

And now, you're there for me more than ever. You're available when I've had a long, hard day and need a little retail therapy, and you support my many endeavors.

When I want to craft and need a little DIY inspiration, when I'm feeling sporty and need some new gear and when I want to bake and need the bare necessitites like eggs and sugar—I run to youYou're there providing me with everything I need, and even things I don't… I'm talking to you, dollar section. 

As I grow older, I have no doubt that I will continue to return to your humble abode for big milestones in my life. You'll be there to furnish my first home, there to supply cards and presents for big birthdays and there to someday entertain my children as well.

Target carts

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Target, with you I'll always expect more and pay less, and I can't thank you enough. ????


Your Loyal Customer

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