If you’re ready to add a little sparkle to your aura, then we definitely see these tarot-inspired eyeshadow palettes in your future.

Following suit with the current trend of witchy beauty products, Luminess Air released four new eyeshadow palettes modeled after a few of the 22 most important tarot cards.

If you’re not quite sure what tarot is, it’s a fortune-telling method performed with a meaningful deck of cards. There are 78 cards in a deck that are meant to provide perspective and guidance for your spiritual journey. While the 56 cards in the minor arcana are more specific to day-to-day life situations, the 22 cards in the major arcana represent situations that we all face in life, making them the perfect model for eyeshadow palettes that will speak to everyone’s needs.

If you’re ready to add some good fortune to your makeup routine, scroll below to see exactly what this new line of tarot-inspired eyeshadow palettes has to offer.

The Lovers: $35

The Lovers card is fairly self-explanatory, but beyond representing relationships, it also represents conflict and difficult choices. The Lovers palette includes a range of nudes, paired with darker colors that work well together, but will definitely have you struggling to decide on the best pairing.


The Moon: $35 

The Moon card represents the unconscious mind, often referred to as the “shadow self.” It represents a need to dive deep into your soul and work through any problems that may be hidden there. The smokey hues in this palette are ideal for representing the moody and sometimes unpredictable nature of your shadow self.


Strength: $35 

The Strength card speaks to the ability to live life boldly with the capacity to withstand any struggles that are thrown into your path. The bright colors that compose this vibrant palette are definitely a reflection of the daring and fearless fortune of the Strength card.


The World: $35 

The World represents reaching the end of a difficult or challenging period in your life, meaning that you have come full-circle and completed a major life cycle. The range of colors from light to dark in The World palette allow you to create a variety of looks that can represent the brightness or the darkness that you may be experiencing at any point in your life cycle.

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