I Tried Tarte's Wet, Glassy New Highlighter

Do you remember when using highlighter simply wasn't a thing?

I look back at that time and can't believe I went through the majority of my life without it. How on earth did I survive my teenage years without the glow highlighter provides? It's safe to say I am now completely obsessed with the beauty product—it might even be my favorite.

I've tried them all—powders, creams, liquids and the like. So when a rep for Tarte reached out to me about reviewing their newest formula, I jumped at the chance.

The Product

Tarte's newest highlighter, Skin Gloss Glass Highlighter, retails for $16 on their site. It's a golden color with a gel-like consistency and is free of gluten and parabens (always a win in my book).

The packaging is simple yet chic, and upon opening the lid, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of product enclosed in the container.

I couldn't wait to smother my face with the gooey substance.

tarte highlighter

(via Tarte PR)


The Experience

The gloss is marketed as giving an "on-trend editorial wet look without a greasy look or feel." In order to find out if this was true, I put it to the test and applied it to my face—specifically, my cheek bones, eyelids and the tip of my nose. The first time I used it, I loved how it initially looked. Throughout the day, however, my mascara kept leaving behind residue on my eyelids. Why? The highlighter was still wet. It never fully dried, which I found odd, however, it makes sense since it's supposed to give off a wet look.

tarte highlighter

(via Tarte PR)

I reached out to the rep from Tarte and asked if there was a specific way I should be applying the formula. She said it's tricky since the product itself is so emollient, and to stick with waterproof mascara. Apparently, it's best if you apply a light coat to your lashes.

That wasn't going to work for me. First of all, I hate waterproof mascara. It's nearly impossible to get off and I always end up ripping my eyelashes out by accident (no thank you).

taylor wearing tarte highlighter

However, if you are into waterproof mascara, it's totally doable. Tarte's global makeup artist said to "put a small dot of the skin gloss on the upper center of your lid, then as your eye moves naturally (up/down/side to side) it will spread out over your lid. It will help a small amount coat the whole lid in a way that still gives you the perfect glassy shine without it feeling too clumpy or interfering with your other makeup." Voilà!

I decided that applying the highlighter to my lids probably wasn't for me, so the next time I used it I just put it on my cheek bones and the tip of my nose. Like the last time, it stayed "wet" throughout the day. I was indoors at work, so I wasn't bothered by it. However, if I were to have been outside, my hair definitely would've gotten stuck in it. It's just like when your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss—except this time, it's on your face.

Bottom Line

Overall, I liked how the highlighter translated onto my face. In person, it looked like I had a dewy glow about me, which I loved. In photos, the camera was able to pick up the areas where I had applied the highlighter, making me look extra radiant.

I definitely plan on wearing this product again. While I'm not going to add it into my everyday makeup routine, I'll save it for fun nights out or special occasions—as long as they're indoors.


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