These Delectable Valentine's Day Sweets Make the Perfect Gift for Someone Special

Sweet flavors and Valentine's Day are a match made in heaven.

Of course, when you want to show someone how much you love them, basic treats just won't do. Whether you're shopping for a partner or your closest of friends, this is the time to go above and beyond. Not sure where to start? We've gathered all of the year's very best Valentine's Day sweets, so keep scrolling to find the ultimate decadent Valentine's Day gift (or several) for the special people in your life.

Sugar Lab Love Hurts Glitter Skulls: $21.99

Just because Valentine's Day is the day of love doesn't mean it has to be all hearts and flowers, and these stunning Love Hurts Glitter Skulls from Sugar Lab are proof. They manage to maintain a bit of edge while also being elegant and romantic, with a unique shape that allows them to hang off the edge of a glass before you plunk them into your favorite sparkling beverage. Just drop them into the drink when you're ready and stir to sweeten and create a stunning cloud of rose gold-colored glitter.

Sugar Lab Love Hurts Glitter Skulls

(via Sugar Lab)


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Beato Chocolates Dance of the 89 Positions Chocolate Bar: $15

If you and that special someone haven't yet been introduced to the wonders of ruby chocolate, this Dance of the 89 Positions Chocolate Bar from Beato Chocolates is the place to start. Featuring art by American Dada movement pioneer Beatrice Wood, the bar is made from a unique kind of chocolate with a delicate pink coloration and a fruity, berry-like flavor that feels like nature grew it just for celebrating love.

Beato Chocolates Dance of the 89 Positions Chocolate Bar

(via Beato Chocolates)


Lesser Evil Sweetheart Pop: $18

Not into full-on sweets? Share a bag of Lesser Evil Sweetheart Pop with someone you adore and enjoy a mixture of light salt with strawberry and white chocolate flavors. It's only a little pink, with a light taste that's easy to snack on, without overwhelming your tastebuds.

Lesser Evil Sweetheart Pop

(via Lesser Evil)


TBJ Gourmet Bacon Chocolate Bar 3-Pack: $25

TBJ's Gourmet Bacon Chocolate Bars may not be made just for Valentine's Day, but we think they're perfect for the holiday, regardless. These bars get the flavor just right, with beautifully balanced dark chocolate that's not too sweet or too bitter and crunchy bits of both meaty bacon and sea salt to complement every nibble.

tbj gourmet bacon chocolate

(via TBJ Gourmet)


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Compartes Gourmet Valentine's Chocolate Bar Gift Set: $27.95

Compartes is one of our favorite chocolatiers around, and we love that they're doing something a little different this year with two white chocolate-based bars for their Valentine's Chocolate Bar Gift Set. The Strawberry Cheesecake bar smells like fresh fruit the minute you open the packaging, blending both strawberry and cream cheese flavor into the white chocolate for the ultimate bite, and making it even better with pieces of graham cracker to emulate the cheesecake crust. The Red Velvet Cake also has cream cheesy goodness rolled right into the chocolate, pairing beautifully with the bits of real red velvet cake. With their vibrant red packaging and romantic flavors, both are just the thing for celebrating your love for someone.

Compartes Gourmet Valentine's Chocolate Bar Gift Set

(via Compartes)


McConnell's Valentine's Day Bundle: $58

With their ridiculously creamy ice cream and creative flavor combinations, you truly can't go wrong with any option from McConnell's Fine Ice Cream, and their Valentine's Day Bundle brings together five of their most beloved flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth—with plenty to share. While Chocolate Covered Strawberries beautifully captures the experience of eating freshly dipped fruit for V-Day, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, Sea Salt Cream and Cookies, Sweet Cream Caramel Brownie and Salted Caramel Chip are just as rich as delicious—and with five pints, there's plenty to share.

McConnells Valentines Day Bundle

(via McConnell's Fine Ice Cream)


Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Hershey's Kisses: $3.48

Speaking of strawberries dipped in chocolate, this year, Hershey's Kisses has a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry flavor that has us fully obsessed. They essentially take the classic milk chocolate kisses and fill them with a gooey strawberry-flavored center, making for a perfectly poppable and addictive sweet that's way easier to eat than a real chocolate-dipped strawberry (and for a lot less money).

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Hersheys Kisses

(via Hersheyland)


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Lady M You Are Loved Valentine's Day Gift Set: $34

When it comes to sheer elegance, you can't beat Lady M and their candies, which are as exquisitely packaged as they are flavored. Their You Are Loved Valentine's Day Gift Set comes in a striking yet simple pink and black box,  with a floral construction within housing three containers of unique bon bons. Even these containers are incredible, with a unique curved shape, textured walls and windows giving a peek at the snacks inside. The Raspberry Kissed Jellies are so full of fresh, fruity flavor, while the Lychee Rose Almonds have lychee-infused white chocolate to really make the flavors pop. Our favorite, though, has to be the Salted Caramel Pearls, coating crunchy cereal balls in a salted caramel chocolate that's impossible to resist.

Lady M You Are Loved Valentines Day Gift Set

(via Lady M)


Misaky Sweetheart Box: $56

Misaky makes the most unusual and stunning vegan candies, with a unique texture that makes them resemble rare stones, and their new Sweetheart Box, just for Valentine's Day, offers up something new even for long-time Misaky fans. The new collection comes in a lovely white gift box, opening to reveal six unique treats, with a crisp sugar exterior and a gummy interior. While we knew what to expect from their fruit and floral flavors, this box also includes chocolate flavors for the first time. The Sweet Love candy mixes cherry and strawberry with chocolate for an all-time classic experience, while Be Mine does something a little different with coffee-infused chocolate flavor paired with lingonberry.  They're almost too beautiful to eat—but after that first bite, you won't be able to resist.

Misaky Sweetheart Box

(via Misaky)


Jet-Puffed Hearts Strawberry Marshmallows: $3.49

Looking for something simple, sweet and totally classic for Valentine's Day? Look no further than these adorable Jet-Puffed Hearts Strawberry Marshmallows. With their delicate pink color and rounded heart shape, they look the part while also being wonderfully fluffy, with a light strawberry flavor that compliments the iconic marshmallow sweetness to perfection.

(via Kraft Heinz)


Tony's Chocolonely x Ben & Jerry's Dark Milk Chocolate With Brownie Bar ($5.95) and White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Style ($5.95) and Chocolatey Love A-Fair Ice Cream ($6.99)

Our favorite exploitation-free chocolate brand Tony's Chocolonely just teamed up with the iconic Ben & Jerry's, furthering their mission to end modern slavery in the cocoa industry with limited-edition Chocolate Love A-Fair flavors—and they're here just in time for Valentine's Day. While the Dark Milk Chocolate With Brownie Bar is dark, yet smooth, with crunchy, extra-chocolatey bits of brownie embedded within, the White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Style bar combines creamy, cheesy white chocolate with tart strawberry bits and cookies for the perfect combination of flavor and texture. Our favorite, though, has to be the ice cream. We're not even big fans of chocolate ice cream, but when you add crunchy hunks of caramel, rich chunks of sea salt fudge and the yummiest, gooiest salted caramel swirl, the flavor truly is the stuff of dreams.

(via Tony's Chocolonely)


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