Want to Get Better About Eating Breakfast? These Tasty Brands Make It SO Easy

It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but unfortunately, it's also the most overlooked.

Starting the day off with something nutritious can make the difference between feeling good and getting stuff done and crashing after just a few hours, but making time for breakfast is hard. It gets even harder when you're considering both health and taste, as the two don't always go hand in hand. That's why we've spent much of this year exploring all of the best options. If you want to get better about eating a good breakfast, keep reading to discover our favorite brands that are making it super easy.


Breakfast biscuits are nothing new, but Olyra is anything but an ordinary biscuit brand. Their products are all organic and nutritious, with five grams of protein, four grams of fiber and only six grams of sugar per pack. They're made with Ancient Greek grains to create something that's wholesome and tasty, and with flavors including Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Cocoa and Greek Yogurt Blueberry, there's a little something here for everyone. Some are plain biscuits, and others are sandwiched with tasty fillings, but they're all an awesome, portable way to start off any day, and the brand even has a free trial kit that lets you experience each of their six flavors, so you can figure out which flavors are your favorites before you get hooked.

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Clean Energy

Even pre-made smoothies can be a bit of a hassle, but Clean Energy makes enjoying them so easy with their shelf-stable, clean ingredient smoothies. These 3.5 oz. smoothies are made with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, flaxseed, lemon juice and nothing else, so you know you're only ingesting the best stuff possible. And the fact that you only get the delicious fruit flavor will have you coming back when you're seeking a burst of energy in the morning.



While 2Betties' Rounds might look like miniature donuts, they've cut out all of the nonsense and filler to create something that's still sweet, but so much better for you. 2Betties Rounds are free of dairy, peanuts, grains and gluten, and are sweetened with real honey and maple syrup. They're also filling and satisfying, whether you try their Chocolate Chunk, Maple Cinnamon or any other of their unique flavors.

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Oatmeal has never been a great on-the-go food—until now. GoOats takes delicious oatmeal made with steel-cut oats and natural flavors and rolls them into delicious, portable balls. Just heat them up—we personally love sticking them in the air fryer at 400° F for 10 minutes—and the result has a crispy, satisfying outside and soft oatmeal in the center. Each flavor has four tasty grams of protein per serving, and whether you like Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Cran-Walnut, Blueberry or Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal, there's a GoOats flavor for you.


Three Wishes

Lately, we've been all about grain-free cereals, and Three Wishes is definitely among our favorites. It's an awesome alternative to the classic sugary cereal rings, as its crisp yet puffy texture gives it a similar mouthfeel, without all of the junk—and it gets even better when you have it with milk. Three Wishes also has an awesome variety of flavors, including Cinnamon, Honey, Cocoa, Fruity, Frosted and Unsweetened, and they all come with only a tiny portion of the sugar of their grocery store counterparts.


Catalina Crunch

But if you're looking for a low-carb cereal with even more delicious crunch, Catalina Crunch may be more up your alley. Their cereals are keto-friendly and plant-based with low sugar, with a texture that reminds us of a classic favorite, Golden Grahams. Plus, Catalina Crunch comes in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Fruity, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast, Maple Waffle, Honey Graham, Chocolate Banana and Mint Chocolate Chip flavors to replace pretty much any cereal you can imagine. And they're all super tasty in a bowl with milk.


Evive USA

From the photo below, you may not believe that Evive smoothies are fast and easy—but bear with us! This unusual brand is all about blender-free smoothies. All you have to do is pop the frozen cubes out of the tray into a glass, cover with water, milk or juice and shake to mix, and in 20 minutes, you have a delicious, nutrition-packed smoothie—without waking up the entire neighborhood with a blender. These smoothies are also packed with fruits, veggies and superfoods, covering all kinds of nutritional needs, depending on the smoothie, and with 13 bold flavors to choose from (including four varieties boasting 15 grams of protein and up), you'll find to try every one to find your favorite.

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You've probably noticed that all of the previous options on this list are of the sweet variety—but what if you want to eat something easy and substantial that's more on the savory side? Recently, we've been obsessed with Keho, the brand that makes real food bite bars made with real plant proteins and the most delicious savory flavors. Curry in a Hurry, Pizza to Go, Tex Mex Moment and Thai Me Over protein bars may sound strange at first, but after one taste, you'll come back to Keho again and again.

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