All the Fall-Flavored Treats and Beverages We Can't Get Enough of This Autumn

We don't know what it's like where you live, but the chilly fall weather is making us want to bundle up, cozy up next to the heater and indulge in our very favorite fall flavors.

That includes pumpkin spice, of course, but the season is also all about apple pies, maple, ginger and even Halloween candy, but we adore them all. Curious to find out what autumn treats and beverages we're indulging in? Just keep reading to find out.

GIGANTIC! Smashing Pumpkin: $27.99 for 8 bars

GIGANTIC! has been one of our favorite candy bar companies for a while, and for good reason. Their "sorta sweet" chocolates are plant-based and made with real ingredients, giving you that authentic candy bar taste with only a fraction of the sugar. And their latest release, Smashing Pumpkin, just might be their best offering yet. It's made with real pecans, almond butter, pumpkin powder and brown sugar, plus all of your favorite pumpkin pie spices, to create a treat you'll crave again and again. Go ahead and have one for breakfast—we won't judge!

gigantic smashing pumpkin candy bar



Tea Drops Pumpkin Spice Black Tea: $16.80 for 10 servings

Just because you're not much of a coffee drinker doesn't mean you can't enjoy a classic PSL like the rest of us. Tea Drops makes a deliciously flavored Pumpkin Spice Black Tea, blending black Assam tea with cloves, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and ginger, plus organic vanilla extract, into one luscious beverage. Just add hot water and stir, and it's ready to go.

Tea Drops pumpkin spice black tea

(via Tea Drops)


Seattle Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar: $4.75

After being introduced to Seattle Chocolate this year, we are more than slightly obsessed. Their truffle bars are especially delicious, and if you love all things pumpkin spice, you won't be able to get enough of this unique bar. It's got cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice blended directly into the soft chocolate filling, satisfying your sweet tooth and making you feel warm and fuzzy inside all at once.

Seattle chocolate pumpkin spice chocolate

(via Seattle Chocolate)


Seattle Chocolate Apple Pie a la Mode Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar: $4.75

We love this truffle bar for just how unusual it is. The bar consists of dark chocolate on the outside and white chocolate in the center, making for a smooth and creamy finish,  while being embedded with small chunks of chewy apple and pieces of biscotti, with the flavor of cinnamon tying it all together. If you're an apple pie fan, you have to try this chocolate.

Seattle chocolat apple pie a la mode

(via Seattle Chocolate)


Omnom Chocolate Black n' Burnt Barley: $8.99

While burnt barley may not exactly be a traditional fall flavor, one bite of this unique chocolate bar, flavored with toasted barley and lava salt, immediately makes us think of chilly days and falling leaves. It has a unique malty taste that we haven't tasted in any other chocolate bar, and our Halloweens honestly aren't complete without it.

Omnom chocolate Black 'n Burnt Barley

(via Omnom)


Sweet Chaos Candy Corn Drizzled Popcorn: Cost varies by store

Sweet Chaos has to be our favorite drizzled popcorn brand out there, and they do not disappoint when it comes to seasonal flavors. What other brand would think to coat their popcorn in the delightful taste of candy corn? We know that most people either love or hate candy corn, but that just means that when you buy a bag, you won't have to share it with everyone.

Sweet Chaos candy corn popcorn

(via Sweet Chaos)


Blume Pumpkin Spice Blend: $25

Looking for something a little more substantial? Blume makes functional, plant-based superfood mixes to add to your favorite drinks, smoothies and oatmeal bowls, and if you're in the mood for something seasonal, their Pumpkin Spice Blend will do just the trick. It's made with organic pumpkin, cinnamon, maple sugar, ginger root, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, adding a healthful and flavorful boost to anything your heart desires.

Blume pumpkin spice blend

(via Blume)


GT's Living in Gratitude Kombucha: $19.75 for 6

Yes, even kombucha is getting the seasonal treatment these days, but GT's Living doesn't just toss in the expected spices and call it a day. This crisp and tart kombucha contains a blend of Pink Lady apple, fresh-pressed carrot juice and turmeric and apple cider spices to create something kombucha lovers will crave.


GTS Living in Gratitude Kombucha

(via GT's)



Sheila G's Caramel Apple Brownie Brittle: $11.99 for 3

We're all about brownie brittle but when we found out that Sheila G's also makes other seasonal flavors, we had to check them out. Sure, they have the traditional pumpkin spice flavor, but we're all about their Caramel Apple option. It's like a crisp, thin blondie with caramel apple-flavored chips, and it's truly out of this world.

Sheila G's carmael apple brownie brittle

(via Sheila G)


2Betties Maple Cinnamon Rounds: $13.99 for 6

If you're looking to indulge mindfully, 2Betties' Maple Cinnamon Rounds might be exactly what you're on the hunt for. These treats are free of gluten, dairy, grains and peanuts while packing all kinds of nutrients, and tons of flavor. They're also full of almond flour, sliced almonds and pumpkin seeds so they pack the protein without any refined sugars or unnecessary calories.

2Betties maple cinnamon rounds

(via 2Betties)


Swoon Ginger Lemonade: $29.99 for a dozen cans

We are all about zero-sugar Swoon Lemonade and their deliciously low-calorie flavors, and our mouths started watering the minute we heard they had a new ginger flavor. They're great whether you want to drink them chilled out of the fridge, or heated up to warm you from the inside out. They're available in stores now (check HERE for availability) and will be available online starting Nov. 4.

Swoon ginger lemonade

(via Swoon)


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