These Tasty Snacks and Drinks Are Getting Us Through the New Year

We don't know about you, but we're already thinking 2022 is shaping up to be much better than the previous two years.

We're taking better care of ourselves physically and mentally and looking forward to a lot this year. Not to mention, we've been enjoying some really tasty and nourishing treats. Curious about the snacks and drinks getting us through the new year? Keep scrolling to find out what we're loving.

Daily Crunch Nashville Hot Sprouted Almonds

We're in love with the spicy, sweet and savory flavor of Nashville hot chicken, and these tasty sprouted almonds from Daily Crunch manage to capture that flavor in a vegan, low-sugar snack. Sprouted almonds are crunchier and more flavorful than regular old roasted almonds, and these pack a super fiery punch with just a hint of sweetness that'll keep you coming back for more.

Daily Crunch Nashville Hot Sprouted Almonds

(via Daily Crunch)


GT's Alive, Cascara Cider

GT's is a brand best known for their tasty kombucha drinks, but lately, we've been all about their Cascara Cider. It's a cascara tea, made from the skin of coffee cherries, with raw apple cider and cider spices to create something that tastes like a powerful, nourishing spiced apple cider. Even better, it also includes an adaptogenic mushroom mix of reishi, chaga and turkey tail to make you feel calm and focused.

GT's Alive Cascara Cider

(via GT's)


Caulipower New Chick on the Block Chicken Tenders

Don't be fooled by the name—these aren't just cauliflower tenders masquerading as chicken tenders. Caulipower's New Chick on the Block tenders (available in classic, spicy and sweet & savory flavors) are real chicken breast with a crispy coating made of rice flour and cauliflower, and are baked instead of fried. The result is a better-for-you tender with 24% fewer net carbs, 19% more protein and just 490 calories per bag, while still tasting just as good as classic tenders.

Caulipower New Chick on the Block

(via Caulipower)


Wave Soda

If you're trying to cut down on soda but don't find seltzer's palatable, Wave Soda might be perfect for you. All of their drinks, from their Cola to their fruity sodas, are made with natural cane sugar and have 40 calories or fewer, made with natural ingredients and green coffee bean-derived caffeine. The result is a hint of punchy flavor, without most of the junk, and we can't get enough.

Wave Soda Cola

(via Wave Soda)



We don't know about you, but it doesn't take long for us to get sick and tired of having sweet protein bars every day. If you're in the same boat, Keho is the answer to your prayers. These unique bars pack five to six grams of plant-based protein each, while using real ingredients to create delicious savory flavors including Curry in a Hurry, Pizza to Go, Thai Me Over and Tex Mex Moment. They're so tasty, and the perfect remedy to being overwhelmed with sugary bars.

KEHO pizza to go bar

(via Keho)


AYO Foods

Ayo Foods has quickly become one of our frozen food go-to's. The brand specializes in frozen versions of iconic West African recipes that can be heated and enjoyed in minutes, and everything we've tried has been so delicious. Both their microwavable Chicken Yassa and Waakye make for easy, instant meals packed with bold, delicious flavors, and we especially love their Puff Puff fried bread, which you can bake in the oven and sprinkle with powdered sugar to make a tasty, light dessert.

AYO Foods Puff Puff

(via AYO Foods)



SkinTē is unique in a couple of ways. Firstly, you don't see sparkling tea brands every day, but secondly, the tea is also packed with collagen peptides, which have all kinds of awesome benefits for the drinker. Collagen is amazing for skin, hair and nails, as well as for gut health and moods, and the teas taste amazing. We love the White Tea Ginger flavor best, but all four flavors are worth sipping at least once.

SkinTe Green Tea Grapefruit

(via SkinTe)


Christie's Chips

Christie's Chips may look like any other chip brand on the surface, but after just one bite, you'll be convinced about just how special they are. They somehow manage to keep almost every chip in their bags whole and crunchy, instead of broken into tiny crumbs at the bottom of the bag, and the flavors are phenomenal. We're addicted to their Back Yard BBQ flavor, but also love that they've managed cheesy, creamy flavors without any dairy whatsoever.

Christie's chips Backyard BBQ

(via Christie's Chips)


Belgian Boys Cookies

Belgian Boys cookies really are something else, made by two childhood friends who grew up in Belgium and moved to America, with a dream of introducing the country to classic treats made with premium, non-GMO ingredients. At the moment, we're in love with their Belgian Chocolate Cookie Bars and Lemon Cookie Tarts. Each has its own style of buttery, crisp cookie that perfectly complements the flavors and keeps mouths happy

Belgian Boys Chocolate Cookie Bars

(via Belgian Boys Cookies)



Javy's coffee concentrates are the key to making effortless, flavorful iced coffees in an instant, and the fact they have so many great flavors to choose from will make them a hit with all kinds of coffee lovers. Whether you like classic coffee (or even decaf) or prefer caramel, French vanilla, mocha, peppermint or even pumpkin spice, they have you covered. Just add ice, your favorite milk and simple syrup for a drink that feels like it's straight out of your favorite coffee shop.

Javy Pumpkin Spice Coffee Concentrate

(via Javy)


Country Archer Provisions Plant-Based Jerky

We've tried a lot of plant-based jerkies in our time, and we have to say that the mushroom-based ones are always the tastiest. That includes Country Archer Provisions and their Plant-Based Jerky in Teriyaki, BBQ and Spiced Bacon flavors. While the slightly chewy mushroom texture won't be for everyone, the flavors never miss, and the meatiness will have you nearly convinced you're enjoying the real thing.

Archer PRovisions Plant Based Jerky Teriyaki

(via Country Archer Provisions)


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