These Moody Tate McRae Lyrics Make the PERFECT Instagram Captions

Few artists capture precisely the emotions we're feeling at any given moment better than Tate McRae.

Her songs are raw and personal, yet somehow contain experiences that feel universal, and have us coming back again and again. That's why, when we're looking for moody yet totally relatable Instagram captions, we often turn to Tate's incredible lyrics. Keep scrolling to see if one of her best lines will work well as your next caption.

For when your mind is particularly restless:

"She stares at her ceiling once again with a hundred thoughts."

-Tate McRae, "One Day"

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For when you're not quite sure how to feel about the state of your relationship:

"One moment we're broken and then we're fine."

-Tate McRae, "Teenage Mind"


For the latest selfie that shows you deep in thought:

"Promise I'm thinking, overthinking quite a lot."

-Tate McRae, "Dear Parents…"


For when karma finally bites back the person who wronged you:

"I don't really care how bad it hurts when you broke me first."

-Tate McRae, "You Broke Me First"

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For when you can only hope that your crush has thought about you like that even once:

"Yeah, I wonder if my name has ever crossed your mind, even for a second."

-Tate McRae, "Dear Ex Best Friend"


For when that certain someone has been invading your thoughts every waking day:

"Only think about him on the weekdays and weekends."

-Tate McRae, "Stupid"


For when your mind can only process your crush and food:

"I think about 100 thoughts and you are 99."

-Tate McRae, "One Day"


For that gloomy downer of a day:

"Some days I wonder why the sky's so grey."

-Tate McRae "3am"


For the pic flaunting how much progress you've made:

"But guess that's just what happens, people change."

-Tate McRae, "Dear Parents…"

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For the pic with that special person who is always there to listen:

"Everyone's got someone built custom to give their darkness to."

-Tate McRae, "All My Friends Are Fake"


For those times you feel like a wreck, but you're loving every second of it:

"We're all a beautiful mess."

-Tate McRae, "Teenage Mind"


For when you don't feel like you've moved forward in far too long:

"Do you ever feel like you are running in slow-motion?"

-Tate McRae, "Hung Up on You"


For when you're daydreaming about the cutie in your life:

"I'll steal all your hoodies we'll laugh until we can't breathe."

-Tate McRae, "A Typical Teenage Love Song"


For the shot that captures your shy nature:

"A girl who keeps her head down low and never shows her eyes."

-Tate McRae, "One Day"


For when you're reminiscing about the person you thought would stick by you forever:

"What about all the nights where we'd talked about our lives?"

-Tate McRae, "Dear Ex Best Friend"

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For when you're struggling to summarize your true feelings:

"I can't get these words out though my thoughts are oh so loud."

-Tate McRae, "Mind Don't Match My Mouth"


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