16 Painfully True Memes Every Taurus Will Find Relatable

As a realistic, sometimes-stubborn Earth sign, Taurus-born can be a little difficult to manage.

They're content homebodies who aren't all that prone to compromise or forgiveness, but that's okay. We love them anyway.

If you're a Taurus who's willing to laugh at yourself or anyone who's ever encountered this willful zodiac sign, keep scrolling for 16 painfully true memes every Taurus will find relatable.

1. They're not the most diplomatic sign:


2. But, why?


3. This is a Taurus safe space:

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4. Um, duh?


5. The motto is never let anything go:



6. This is a healthy way to deal, right?

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7. Don't question the boss:


8. There's really not much else to be said:


9. That's going to be a hard no:


10. The harsh truth:

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11. Got be careful with that shopping addiction:


12. No one asked, but ok:

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13. This is the ultimate crew:


14. If you have something else to say, you better speak up:

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15. R.I.P.:


16. No, goodbye:

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