12 Truths You'll Definitely Relate to If You're a Taurus Moon

Ever since we found out just how complex the zodiac chart is, we've been obsessed with decoding all our signs.

In particular, we're pretty fascinated by the Moon sign. While your Sun sign describes the center of your personality and your motivations, the Moon sign describes your instinctive emotional nature. In short, your Sun sign describes who you're trying to become, while your Moon sign captures who you already are.

With the zodiac shifting into Taurus season, we want to pay special attention to our Taurus Moons. Keep scrolling for 12 truths you'll definitely relate to if your Moon is in Taurus.

1. You crave security in your life. Whether it's your romantic relationships, your friendships, your school, etc.—it doesn't matter. Familiar surroundings and things you're comfortable with are crucial to your well being.

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2. If you feel that something is threatening the important parts of your life, you won't fail to act. You're pretty even-tempered, but people better watch out if they threaten something or someone in your inner circle.

3. Since you like being comfortable, you're also pretty set in your ways. You're not open to change, mostly because it threatens that sense of security you love so much.

4. You have quite the strong will. When you say no, you mean no, and you absolutely won't stick around to argue about it.

5. Although you're quite rigid at times, your tendency to stick to your ways also makes you completely reliable. People know they can count on you, which makes them comfortable sharing some of their deepest, darkest secrets.

6. It's good that people are drawn to you because you're quite social at your core. You love spending time with others, especially people who already understand and appreciate you.

7. You're a one-thing-at-a-time kind of person. While that sometimes makes it difficult to move forward with you, it also means you really examine each decision before you make it.

8. You're not at all impulsive—when you make a decision, you know it's the right one because you've put a lot of thought into it.

9. Since you know you would never act impulsively, you really trust your instincts. You know you have a dependable nature—if something just feels right, it probably is.

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10. You like to take care of other people. When you have enough capacity to give some of your energy to others, you feel especially fulfilled in your personal and emotional life.

11. You definitely have a materialistic side. It's not that you crave possessions, but you tend to feel better about yourself and your place in life when you're surrounded by things that make you happy.

12. Although you have a tendency to fall into a mundane routine, you have a patient, calm and gentle nature. You're never too much of any one emotion. Instead, you bring a lot of balance, both into your own life and into the lives of those around you.


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