Taylor Dooley Talks Returning as Lavagirl and Playing a Super Mom in We Can Be Heroes

Netflix'We Can Be Heroes is out today, just in time for Christmas, and one of the reasons we adore this Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel is that it sees the return of Taylor Dooley as Lavagirl.

This time, Lavagirl is the mother of a superpowered little girl named Guppy—but she's not the only super parent in the movie. In fact, the film features 11 hero parents and their 11 heroic kids.

So we were thrilled to get the chance to ask Taylor Dooley all about playing Lavagirl again, plus what it's like to play a supermom as a real-life mom and what she has planned next. Keep reading to discover all of it.

Sweety High: What was it like to be able to come back and reprise your role as Lavagirl?

Taylor Dooley: My gosh, it was such a beautiful whirlwind being able to step back in Lavagirl's (much older) boots. When I got the call from Robert, I was so surprised, but beyond excited. Being able to meet Lavagirl again after 15 years was a dream come true. Her character has resonated with so many people over the years, including me. It felt like such a blessing.


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SH: What was the best part of getting back into the costume, and do you feel like there was a lot of pressure tied to the role?

TD: It was such an insanely nostalgic and fun experience to get back into Lavagirl's suit. One of the best parts was that Robert really keeps such a family environment, so many of the people involved, I had worked with on the first film. Working with the costume department on the new adult suit and seeing how Lavagirl grew up was just so special. I did feel a little pressure to do Lavagirl justice. Bringing her back after 15 years, I wanted to make sure that we find her somewhere in life that makes sense and I think Robert did such a good job transitioning her into adulthood.


SH: As a mom, what was your experience playing a superhero mom on the set?

TD: It was so much fun to play a mom to Guppy! Vivien [Lyra Blair] is the absolute sweetest and was just such a blast to work with. I couldn't have dreamed up a better daughter for Sharkboy and Lavagirl. It was nice to actually draw from my own experience as a mom. Not to mention, it was so cool to be able to show my son a first look at Lavagirl as an adult because he just loves the original movie! He was so excited to see me with pink hair.

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SH: What was your most memorable experience working with all of the superhero parents and super kids in the movie?

TD: We all just had the best time on set together. I worked more closely with the adult cast so I had more time to goof around and have fun on set with them. Long days can make everyone get a little silly so we had a lot of laughs. When we all got to work together as one big group it was such a cool experience. There are 11 kids and 11 parents so the big group shots were hectic yet so exciting to film. It was so amazing to watch how well Robert handled having that many people in one take.


SH: Did you have any advice for them?

TD: My biggest advice, which happens to go in line with the theme of the movie, is that we can all be heroes. Don't ever think you're not special or can't make a difference. Especially right now in this world, we need people to rise up and spread light and love. I truly believe that together, we can work to make the world a better place.


SH: Which qualities would you say are your own personal superpowers?

TD: Oh geez, that's a great question. If I had to pick one quality, I would say that it's my ability to love and see the best in everyone. Since I was a little girl my family has always told me how optimistic about people and situations I was and I've really never grew out of it. Forever hopeful, I'm always thinking the best of people. I think that is a personal superpower because sometimes all people need is someone to believe in them.


SH: If you were to have some kind of fantastical superpower of your own, what do you think it would be?

TD: Well, no doubt to be Lavagirl in real life, lava powers, pink hair, and all, would be so so fun! But I also would love to be able to be super fast. It would be so helpful in life to just run around so fast and get so much done.


SH: The movie really is about how today's kids have the power to save the world. Why do you think that's true?

TD: I think that is so so true. The next generation always has the power to rise up and be so much better. I think we can all work together to save the world if we actually work together!

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add or tease that you are currently working on?

TD: I have a few projects potentially in the works, but I am mostly just so excited to be back in the business and doing what I really love. I took some years off to go to college and start my family and now is just the perfect time in my life to be back! I am so so happy to be back and here to stay.


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