Taylor Swift Broke a Huge AMA Record, and She's SO CLOSE to Breaking Another

Taylor Swift might have recently lost a YouTube record to BTS, but after the 2018 American Music Awards on Tuesday, Oct. 9, she has a new milestone to celebrate.

Taylor was up for four awards at this year's event, and by winning all of them, the country-turned-pop star broke a huge record.

She has now won 23 AMAs over the course of her career so far, which is more than any other female artist in AMA history.

With her 23rd AMA win, Taylor took over the record from a music legend—none other than Whitney Houston. She's also now only one AMA behind tying the all-time record, which is held by the late Michael Jackson, yet another music industry great. We wouldn't be surprised to see Taylor get there soon, possibly once she puts out her next album.

Taylor was, of course, ecstatic about her latest achievement. In an Instagram post the night of the show, she wrote to her fans—whose votes enabled her to win so many AMAs over the years—"You have made this human disco ball so happy tonight."

Now, onto the next record.


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