7 Red (And Orange) Carpet-Inspired Dresses That You Can Totally Rock At Prom

All the fierce fashion trends on the red and orange carpet have been getting us beyond excited to pick out our prom dresses. If you haven't already picked out THE perfect dress, then why not turn to your fave celebs for the fashion guidance and inspo you need?! You could be pulling up to prom looking like our girls, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, or Demi Lovato. Is that not a beautiful thing?? We've got the 7 celeb-inspired prom dresses you've been dreaming about right here:

1. Celeb Inspiration: Maddie Ziegler


Style: Yellow cut-out mini dress

Why We <3 It: This vibrant yellow is everything we are currently living for. It's perfect for spring, and there is no way you will not stand out as soon as you walk into the room. That cut-out is actual perfection.

Get Maddie's Look: The contemporary pintucked dress on the right can be found at Forever 21 for only $21.90. With that price, we give you full permission to go a little crazy in the shoe and accessory department ?.


2. Celeb Inspiration: Ariana Grande


Style: Flowy and bold red spaghetti strap gown

Why We <3 It: This is the statement dress of all statement dresses. It's bright, it's beautiful, and you can totally rock it. You'll be feeling like a princess in no time with a dress like this!

Get Ari's Look: Throw your hair up in a high pony and run to the nearest Nordstrom. You can grab this strappy piece of perfection for $276.00.


3. Celeb Inspiration: Demi Lovato


Style: Black and white edgy jumpsuit

Why We <3 It: In our opinion, this is THE year of the jumpsuits. They look edgy, fierce, and totally sophisticated, and we think Demi totally nails this look. We think you'd look just as cool rocking something similar at prom, tbh. It's always better to stand out than blend in, amirite?

Get Demi's Look: We can't get over how similar this $59.99 Macy's jumpsuit is to Demi's. We're a little in love.


4. Celeb Inspiration: Taylor Swift


Style: Colorblock two-piece/gown

Why We <3 It: Let's be real, red and pink are individually great colors, but put them together, and magic happens ✨. This dress is simple enough that you can go wild with your hair and makeup choices, plus, who wouldn't want to look like Taylor Swift? Just sayin'.

Get Tay's Look: You'll be one step closer to looking like your fave celeb if you pick up this out-of-this-world colorful dress at Nordstrom for $298.00.


5. Celeb Inspo: Holland Roden 


Style: Electric blue two-piece/romper

Why We <3 It: We must have a thing for bold colors, because HELLO, blue. You won't even need accessories with an outfit like this, because it's so vibrant and fun all on it's own. Holland makes this outfit look just about as chic as chic can be, and we're feeling it.

Get Holland's Look: We've picked the perfect pleated chiffon jumpsuit for you to emulate Holland's completely sophisticated and edgy vibe. You can get it at Forever 21 for $68.00 ??.


6. Celeb Inspo: Kira Kosarin


Style: White sequin mini dress

Why We <3 It: There's something so simple about a plain white dress! It makes it super easy to pair it with shoes or accessories that have a pop of color. Hot pink pumps? Yes, please. The sequin pull everything together and make this outfit that much more glam.

Get Kira's Look: Another Nordstrom find! This sparkly wonder can be purchased for $178.00. We're sure you will wear this one over and over again!


7. Celeb Inspo: Anna Kendrick


Style: Sleek slitted black dress

Why We <3 It: It's basically a girl rule that you can never go wrong with a black dress. We're mildly obsessed with the glitter and the peek-a-boo slit on Anna's dress. It's honestly the perfect choice for the girl who can't decide between a long and short dress.

Get Anna's Look: You can pick up the sequin haltered gown similar to Anna's at Nordstrom for $129.00. Don't forget to grab some sparkly earrings while you're there ?


So maybe now you have the perfect prom dress lined up and ready to go, but do you have your clutch supplied with all the essentials? Don't worry, our prom survival kit will prepare you for anything and everything.