Taylor Swift Asks Cancer Patient on a Date!

As if we didn't love Taylor Swift enough, we now have new reasons to gush over the goodness of her heart.

Victoria McGuire, sister of Kevin McGuire, started a Facebook campaign for Taylor Swift to come to Prom with her brother.

Kevin was diagnosed with leukemia at age 13 had to endure painful treatments for four years until he beat the cancer last year. Unfortunately, he was rediagnosed with cancer this year for the second time.

Here's what Victoria wrote about Kevin:

"Kevin is the kindest, most noble 18 year old a person could even fathom meeting, and through out his ups and downs Kevin never even questioned " why me?" Nothing, and I mean NOTHING brightens Kevin's day more than Taylor Swift. Kevin DESERVES more than anyone a special event in his life.. and the one thing he wants is to GO TO PROM WITH TAYLOR SWIFT! Let's make this happen people! "

Today, Taylor posted the above message to Kevin.

All our hearts go out to T-Swift today for making Kevin's dreams come true.