Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are Over: Here's How to Deal With This OTP's Break Up the Right Way!

Much like us, we can assume you've shed a pool of tears after learning that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have reportedly broken up.

We certainly understand the pain of watching your OTP end their relationship. Need we bring up Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards? Or even Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid?

Dealing with a heartbreaking event like this is never easy, but we know nine things you can do to cope with your OTP going their separate ways. Let the healing process begin:

1. Just keep crying. Let those tears fall to the floor until you don't feel sad anymore.

2. Take Tay's advice and just shake it off. Better yet, listen to that jam and dance your heart out, kid.

3. Food is always the best way to mend a broken heart, so just eat whatever your little heart desires. When it doubt, just eat it.

4. Delete all those adorable pics of them you have saved on your phone as evidence of them being relationship goals. Just rip that Band-Aid off right now!

5. Vent to anyone and everyone who will listen. In fact, hit your bestie up right now and tell her exactly how you feel. What else are best friends for?

6. Spend time with your squad. We'd bet our life savings that Tay is doing exactly that right now.

After the after party is.. Well.. This. @haimtheband

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7. Or if people aren't your thing, spend time with some sort of animal. Tay has her cats to rely on, so you should prob grab your fave pet as well!

Just a little cat in a big world.

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8. If worse comes to worst, you can always deny that they're broken up. Keep telling yourself they're still a couple until you've convinced yourself and the rest of the world that indeed they are!

9. But if you're truly convinced they are the perfect pairing, then maybe you can be the one to get them back together. Maybe start a petition and get your friends to sign it or get your Talvin rain dance on? It's up to you to reunite them!


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