What Key Items Are Missing From the Taylor Swift Experience?

The Taylor Swift Experience at the GRAMMY Museum is such a hit that it's been extended 5 months! The exhibit includes everything from Taylor's favorite childhood books to tour and music video costumes, handwritten lyrics and more, but we think it could be even more comprehensive if it included these necessary items.

The gum that Selena Gomez chewed this time she went to the movies with Taylor (plus both pairs of 3d glasses)

These sparkly booties, which resulted in Taylor tripping and falling the moment it became 2015

These sheep (in the museum's special petting zoo)

All of these empty In-N-Out shake cups and burger wrappers from after the "Bad Blood" shoot

This clever cat scratch bandage

These wonderful but pointless Christmas flamingos

All of the amazing Valentine's Day cards Taylor made for fans this year (photocopies, of course, because the real ones belong to the Swifties)

This slightly rude message Taylor found inside a fortune cookie

Taylor's Pegacorn costume

Chilly morning necessities: This cozy blanket and coffee cup

A slice of this pie that Taylor baked all by herself

A bottle of Diet Coke, marked with Taylor's signature red lipstick

These whimsical cat stickers (from Taylor's cell phone case)

The real Taylor Swift Experience is only on display until October 4, so if you live in L.A., be sure to check it out. Find out more info here and join our Taylor Swift fan community at SweetyHigh.com!