Taylor Swift Is OBSESSED With These 6 Artists & You Should Be Too!

Taylor Swift is pretty much the queen of music in our eyes, so we 100 percent trust her judgement when it comes to new artists we should start listening to. Tay has made it perfectly clear that our lives will change once we open our ears to listen to the music of these six artists. So turn your speakers up and get to know Tay's fave artists right now!



Artist: Alessia Cara

Song: "Four Pink Walls"

For Fans Of: Bea MillerTori Kelly

Why You Need To Listen To Her: Tay professed that her heart belonged to Alessia after she listened to her Four Pink Walls EP and we def feel the same way. Alessia's lyrics are beyond honest, which makes her songs that much more relatable. She knows what's up!

A tweet of Taylor Swift's that reads "After just a few listens through the Four Pink Walls EP, my heart belongs to Alessia Cara. #FourPinkWalls".


Artist: Troye Sivan

Song: "Wild"

For Fans Of: Jacob Whitesides & Shawn Mendes

Why You Need To Listen To Him: If clouds could be personified, they would be Troye's voice. His music will easily be able to put you in a calm mood after a stressful day at school. Tay said his Wild EP was goals, so clearly it's a must listen.

A tweet of Taylor Swift's that reads "Troye Sivan Wild is stunning and awesome. (Yes caps lock is necessary here.) #EPgoals".


Artist: Hey Violet

Song: "I Can Feel It"

For Fans Of: 5 Seconds of Summer & Paramore

Why You Need To Listen To Them: Listening to their music is like experiencing a Rock 'N' Roll daydream. Let your inner punk kid fly free! Tay summed up their music in the most accurate emoji ever—???

A tweet of Taylor Swift's that reads "I. Love. This. I Love. Hey Violet.'


Artist: Kelsea Ballerini

Song: "Dibs"

For Fans Of: Carrie Underwood & Sabrina Carpenter

Why You Need To Listen To Her: All of Kelsea's songs will make you believe in love even more than you already do. And she basically sounds like a Disney princess when she sings. Tay loves to admit that Kelsea is basically her little sister — AWW!

A tweet of Taylor Swift's that reads 'Got to sing with my little sis Kelsea Ballerini tonight and she was charming and fantastic!! #1989TourNashville'.


Artist: Echosmith

Song: "Let's Love"

For Fans Of: American Authors & Walk The Moon

Why You Need To Listen To Them: It's physically impossible to listen to their music and not have an all out dance party in your room. Taylor is beyond aware of the magical powers their music possesses.

A tweet of Taylor Swift's that reads "My buddy Sydney Sierota was as magical and fantastic as always tonight in Columbus! Love her so much'.


Artist: Rachel Platten

Song: "Stand By You"

For Fans Of: Andy Grammer & Ellie Goulding

Why You Need To Listen To Her: Rachel's songs are always the perfect thing to jam out to when you need a little inspiration and motivation in your life. Taylor shared that Rachel's new song "Stand By You" is currently on repeat, as it should be.

A tweet of Taylor Swift's that reads "I've got 'Stand By You' by Rachel Platten on repeat today. I high recommend it.'


FUN FACT — We've actually been OBSESSED with Rachel Platten since we first heard "Fight Song" and she even revealed the meaning of the song EXCLUSIVELY to us! Find out the inspiration behind the song here!