Will Taylor Swift Guest Star On Austin & Ally?

No, pop superstar Taylor Swift has not signed on to guest star in an upcoming episode of Disney Channel's Austin & Ally. But that doesn't mean star Raini Rodriguez isn't crossing her fingers and wishing hard for it to happen!taylor swift austin and ally costumes and courage

"My favorite thing about #CostumesandCourage is how much we mention @taylorswift13," Raini wrote on Twitter during the Austin & Ally Takeover Weekend. "Maybe she can guest star this season"

"Costumes & Courage" was the first episode of Austin & Ally's second season, revolving around Taylor Swift, even if she didn't actually appear in the episode!

In the show, the new owner of Austin's record label, Jimmy Starr, holds a massive Halloween party, where Austin is set to duet with Taylor Swift, singing a song that Ally wrote just for him!

But things aren't exactly as they appear. It turns out that Jimmy Starr previewed the song for Taylor Swift before the show, who loved it so much, Jimmy decided to give Taylor the song instead! Austin is not happy when he finds out.

Things go even further off the rails when, before the big duet, Dez accidentally knocks Taylor out! With Austin suddenly left without his duet partner, Ally decides to step in, pretending to be Taylor onstage, with the help of an identical Halloween costume. 

By imitating Taylor, Ally learns how to be confident in her singing abilities onstage, setting her on a path to become a performer herself!

We bet a future episode, starring Taylor Swift, would somehow be even better than "Costumes & Courage"! Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to join us at Sweety High!