Taylor Swift Hospital Visit Surprises Patients!

Taylor Swift made a surprise hospital visit to the Memorial Sloan-Ketting Cancer Center in New York City last weekend to spend time with patients and spread joy!Taylor Swift Hospital Visit

On March 22, the star spent her Saturday meeting with many of  hospital's young patients to chat and take selfies.

Though Taylor didn't share any information about the visit, many of the people whose lives were affected by the visit went on Twitter to share their experiences!

"Just video chatted with Taylor Swift," Tweeted the cousin of the one of the patients. "She is the sweetest, most caring person ever."

"Thank you @taylorswift13 for making Rachel's day," wrote another patient's mother. "She deserves all the world, and you helped."

"Thank you for visiting my friend today and making her so happy," another fan wrote. "You're truly amazing."

We think it's so sweet that Taylor takes the time to lighten up the lives of her fans!

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