Can You Top These Tributes To Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is our queen for more reasons than we can count, but at this very moment, our number one reason is that she inspires people. Not just in the "OMG so inspired!" sense, but in a way that makes people go out in the world and do amazing things. If you don't know what we mean, just check out these ridiculously good Taylor-inspired videos.

These super talented dudes eat "Bad Blood" for breakfast. Only shame is it's just 6 seconds!

What happens when you give 49 art students 52 "Shake It Off" frames each to illustrate? This animation that we cannot stop watching.

"Bad Blood" was clearly destined for big things. This guy sings it in the style of 20 other artists, and every one sounds like it was just meant to be.

This outrageously cool dance choreography by Matt Steffanina and Taylor Hatala would not be possible without Taylor Swift.  

And "Blank Space" is just as good when it's a song about Girl Scout Cookies.

The "Bad Blood" video-inspired Play-Doh outfits on these Barbies are beyond anything else we've seen. Look at that detail!

You don't even have to be human to feel the love.

What's your all-time favorite video inspired by Taylor Swift? Share it with us in the comments and tell us why she inspires you!