Taylor Swift is Wonderstruck By Bruno Mars!

We can finally purchase Taylor Swift's perfume, Wonderstruck, and get one step closer to being just like our favorite country vixen. The sultry singer launched her perfume yesterday at Macy's Herald Square in NYC.

So when was the last time T-swift got wonder-struck? She reveals that whenever she has surprise performers like Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj, she is in a state of awe!

"Just having all of these amazing artists come up on stage and sing with me makes me wonderstruck," she revealed.

Aww- we love how modest and down to earth the country sensation still is.

So what artist does she want to be wonderstuck by next? She reveals that it's none other than singer Bruno Mars. "I'd love to sing with Bruno Mars because he has an incredible voice," she told me.

The singer greeted fans and gave lots of hugs and autographs to the people who were anxiously waiting for the chance to buy her perfume.

"There are so many people here and so many people outside! I always wanted to have a fragrance ever since I started making music. I love how it has such an impact on people's memories," explained Taylor about her perfume.

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