Taylor Swift And Jennifer Lawrence: Whose "Frozen"-Inspired Platinum Locks Do You Love Most?

Hold up…have you seen Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence lately? If you've noticed something looks a little ~different~ about the two, you aren't the only one. Both Tay and Jenn have upgraded their blonde locks to platinum status and it's everything. We're so in love with Jen's Elsa-esque hairdo and we really think Taylor totally rocks the brighter color on her Vogue cover.

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence new hair color

(via Vogue + Nylon)


We know you're obsessing over these new hair colors just as much as we are, but if you had to pick ONE to call your fave, whose would it be? Vote below!


Obvi we love Tay and Jen equally, because they're BOTH our spirit animals. Have you ever wondered which one you're most like? Of course you have! Who hasn't?! Fun fact, we can actually tell you that and all you have to do is take THIS quiz!