5 Things We KNOW Will Happen At Coachella This Weekend

The first weekend of Coachella is literally tomorrow…can you believe it? Neither can we! Where did the time go?! We're still trying to figure out our outfits and what artists we desperately need to see, but we're ~positive~ our fave celebs already have their festival weekend planned out to a T. Here are five things we predict will happen at Coachella this weekend.


1. Taylor Swift won't be dancing on her own

With Calvin Harris headlining Coachella, we bet Tay will be there to lend him plenty of support like the amazing GF she is. And we bet she'll be dancing with her squad all during his set. So stoked to see her signature dance move she appropriately named 'The Mom-Croon.'


2. Kylie Jenner will rock her new lip kit colors


Duh, Kylie will be wearing one of her Coachella-inspired metallic lip kit colors. That's a definite given. Maybe she'll wear all three at once? Hmmm…


3. Justin Bieber will make a surprise appearance


Justin has to, like literally HAS TO, join Jack Ü on stage to perform the ultimate jam "Where Are Ü Now." It just makes sense and, honestly, we just really want to be in the presence of The Biebs.


4. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will be the ~cutest~ OTP


Gigi went last year with her besties, but we bet she'll be bringing Zayn along with her this year. They're obvi going to be couple goals, leaving us unable to handle their epic adorableness. We heart them!


5. Bella Thorne will give us tons of summer #OOTD inspo


Last year, Bella SLAYED the fashion game. Every single outfit she wore gave us major summer vibes and we're totally guilty of buying similar pieces to copy her looks. We're anxiously waiting to see what she wears to this year.


If you're going to Coachella this weekend and need some outfit inspiration, we've got you covered. THESE celeb outfits are perfect to wear to the festival, or just summer in general!