7 Ways To Enjoy Coachella Without Actually Being At The Festival

Can't make it to Coachella this weekend? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Even if you won't be present, it doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun! Here are a few ways you can still get your Coachella vibe on without actually attending the festival.


1. Rock all of the hottest Coachella styles.
Hit the mall this weekend and pick out some fun spring dresses, tops, and shorts to rock all season. Here are just a few amazing outfits our absolute faves wore this past weekend:

Taylor Swift and Lorde kept it cool in a backless onesie and some seriously rad zipper pants while kicking it poolside. Just two of our favorite pop stars casually being awesome.

Taylor Swift and Lorde at Coachella

(via @taylorswift)


Lea Michele stepped out sporting some seriously cute braids, a tropical print skirt, and sheer top.

Lea Michele At Coachella

(via @leamichele)


Kendall Jenner was seen in this gorgeous lace maxi dress that we are LIVING for.

Kendall Jenner at Coachella

(via Hollywood Life)


2. Check out the live stream online.
Most people don't know you can actually stream the whole festival live on the Coachella YouTube channel! Check it out HERE. You can catch all the best performances right from your own room.

Coachella Sunset and Ferris Wheel

(via 6 AM)


3. Hit up a pool party or throw your own.
Coachella is known for its amazing pool parties so why not attend one or throw a party yourself? Get your squad together, rock your best suits and freeze up some popsicles for some fun in the sun!

Bella Thorne by the pool at Coachella

(via ASOS)


4. Watch the Snapchat story.
Catch all the best moments from other fans live at the festival on their story!

Coachella Snapchat

(via Social Media Obsessions)


5. Make your own flower crowns.
Get all your friends together for a fun DIY sesh. There are lots of great websites, blogs, and videos that show you how to make your very own coveted Coachella accessory this one here:


6. Make your own Henna tattoos.
This video shows you how to use things like glue and food coloring to make your own floral tattoos!


7. Make a playlist featuring your favorite Coachella performers.
Go out to the beach and kick back with a fun playlist made up of your top artists playing the festival! Here's a playlist of 12 amazing Coachella artists:


Now you won't even have to miss a moment of the upcoming fun! We're pretty sure it's going to be just as INSANE as last weekend. Did you catch our weekend one predictions? We can't wait to see what weekend two has in store!