Our Definitive Ranking of Every Song on the Lover Album

Taylor Swift'Lover album has been out and among the masses for a few weeks now.

In that time, we've been listening and re-listening, trying to come up with some cohesive opinion on this eclectic range of songs. While we can appreciate the Lover album as a whole, the undeniable truth is that some songs are great, while others have us pressing the skip button every time they pop up.

So which songs do we actually enjoy? Keep scrolling to see our definitive ranking of every song on the Lover album.

18. 'ME! (feat. Brendon Urie)'

There's absolutely no doubt about it, "ME!" is the worst song on this album. No other song even comes close. The first time we heard this song, all we could think was "Oh, no, Taylor, what are you doing?" It has some serious "Shake It Off" vibes, but like 10 times worse. Sorry, we just can't get on board with this overly peppy jam. And even if she removed these lines in the album version, we will never forget the annoying, "Hey kids, spelling is fun!" that Taylor screeched in the original single release. If we never had to hear "ME!" again, we'd be pretty happy.

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17. 'Afterglow'

"Afterglow" sounds like an OG T-Swift love ballad. Normally, we're totally on board with that. Unfortunately, this song kind of falls short. It sounds like it could have been on any other Taylor album, which means it gets lost in the shuffle on Lover. There's nothing to make this song interesting. The melody is a little "meh" and the lyrics aren't the catchiest thing we've ever heard Taylor sing. We're totally fine skipping this song, which means it's definitely not an album fave.


16. 'Paper Rings'

In truth, "Paper Rings" is pretty catchy. When we hear the first bars of the song, we want to get up and dance it out. But as the tune goes on, the level of pep is almost akin to that of "ME!" It sounds like it should be on a Kidz Bop album. Is it fun? Totally. But it's also a little juvenile, which means we rarely make it through an entire listen without skipping ahead to better tunes.

15. 'False God'

"False God" is actually an interesting sound on this album. It's definitely not typical Taylor, but that doesn't make it good. The song drags a bit, and listening to Taylor talk-sing doesn't quite capture her full talent. "False God" isn't the worst—and we're impressed by Taylor stepping out of her box—but we think other songs on the album capture this chill sound much more effectively.

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14. 'I Think He Knows'

There are a few moments on this album when Taylor's self-confidence becomes a little irritating. "I Think He Knows" is one of those times. The supposed love song spends a lot of time on all of Taylor's positive qualities and the reasons why her beau should lock her down immediately. We're all about self-love, but the lyrics in this song feel a little too vain, even for us.

13. 'Cruel Summer'

"Cruel Summer" is the apparent favorite off the Lover album. But to us? It's just okay. In fact, the chorus and overall melody of the song can get a little annoying after a while. It's tedious and repetitive, with nothing that really makes us want to play it over and over. We may be in the minority, but we just don't think "Cruel Summer" is all that good.

12. 'You Need to Calm Down'

The real problem with this album is that it jumps through a range of different styles without much cohesiveness to pull the tunes together. Taylor transitions from mellow cool girl to overly peppy cheerleader in seconds, without anything in between to make the transitions less jarring. "You Need to Calm Down" is another one of the songs on the album that's just too much. It's yet another song that talks about Taylor's many haters, which is just getting tedious at this point. She created an entire album around her haters—couldn't we leave that vibe in the Reputation era?

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11. 'Cornelia Street'

"Cornelia Street" is actually a pretty good song. Finally, Taylor shows off some of her actual talent. The lyrics are complex and relatable, and the tune captures the sweet, genuine vibe that we look for in T-Swift songs. Still, it's fairly basic. There's nothing super stand-out about it, and some parts are better than others. We like it, but we don't love it.

10. 'Death by a Thousand Cuts'

"Death by a Thousand Cuts" is so dramatic and we love it. It's just like Taylor to compare saying goodbye to someone as "death by a thousand cuts." What's worse, we totally get it. This tune is much like "Cornelia Street" in that we don't have to play it over and over again, but we do generally enjoy it. Plus, it's not irritating to listen to, which is more than can be said for a many of the previous songs we've discussed on this album.

9. 'Daylight'

"Daylight" is the closing song on the album. Much like "Afterglow," it feels like a typical Taylor ballad. Unlike "Afterglow," however, we really enjoy listening to this tune. It has a hopeful feeling that carries throughout the song, making it the perfect ending tune for Lover. The lyrics address the bright and sunny effect that true love has on your life. We do get a little bored towards the end of the song, but we generally appreciate the optimistic and positive vibe of this sweet track.

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8. 'Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)'

We were so excited when we heard a Taylor Swift/Dixie Chicks collab was coming on the new album. Thankfully, it didn't disappoint. This song takes Taylor back to her country roots a little bit, but it still fits with her new sounds. What's more, the song takes a really honest approach to Taylor's mother's cancer battle. The lyrics are brutally upfront and open, making this song one you just have to love, even if the melody drags just a little bit.

7. 'London Boy'

Okay, "London Boy" is so dumb. But it's also just so catchy. And not in an annoying way like "ME!" or "You Need to Calm Down." Despite the cliché-filled nature of this song, we can't help but love it. It's fun and upbeat, and it gives just a tiny glimpse into Taylor's relationship with Joe Alwyn, without turning to serious, emotional lyrics. It's fun to know that Taylor's relationship is lighthearted, just like this song.

6. 'It's Nice to Have a Friend'

Much like "False God," "It's Nice to Have a Friend" gives Taylor a new sound, but it actually does it well. The song is simple and sweet, outlining the relationship between two friends who eventually turn into the lovers. The song doesn't try too hard, which is probably what we like about it. It lets Taylor's voice and lyrics shine, instead of covering it up with overly produced background noise. It's good. Simple, but good.

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5. 'The Archer'

Keeping in line with Taylor's different sound, "The Archer" definitely packs a punch. It's a similar vibe to many songs on the Reputation album, but less angry and hard-hitting. Much like "It's Nice to Have a Friend," it keeps things simple. Plus, it's actually pretty creative. In addition, it gives a little insight into Taylor's actual feelings, instead of covering up her insecurities with vanity. Taylor's music is relatable because it's real—this song brings that idea to the forefront once again.

4. 'I Forgot That You Existed'

"I Forgot That You Existed" is probably the only peppy song on the album that we actually enjoy. It's a little try-hard, but it makes us think of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" of "You Belong With Me." It's that same fun, lighthearted feeling that doesn't take itself too seriously. Most importantly, it's not too peppy, which is unfortunately outside of the norm for this album.

3. 'The Man'

When we first heard "The Man," we weren't sure how we felt about it. But the more we've listened to it, the more we've grown to love it. It's ridiculously catchy, and it actually has a great message. In the song, Taylor reflects on where she might be today if she were a man. It's a fair point, and it's presented in a fun, upbeat way. Overall, it's a good song. Plus, we actually enjoy singing along to it when it comes on, which is a main indicator that we're on board with a particular tune.

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2. 'Lover'

Considering it's the album's namesake, "Lover" pretty much had to be good. Thankfully, it is. It reminds us of some of our favorite tunes of the "Red" album, which just so happens to be our favorite Taylor Swift release. "Lover" is perfectly sweet and straightforward. It's all about the simplicity of building a normal life with someone you love. We honestly can't get enough of this tune, making it easily one of the best songs of the entire album.

1. 'Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince'

Finally, we've reached the very best song on the album. To say we're obsessed with "Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince" is an understatement. This song is seriously amazing. It feels like it perfectly blends old Taylor and new Taylor. Plus, it has a healthy dose of symbolism, using high school metaphors to discuss Taylor's past fears of being open with her opinions in public. It's clever, catchy, and cool, which is precisely why we love it so much.


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