10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to Taylor Swift's New Album, Lover

If you've been living under a rock—surprise! Our girl Taylor Swift dropped a new album.

Titled after the hit single 'Lover,' the 18-track album is full of some danceable bops and tear-worthy tunes, too.

That said, Swifties are arguably some of the craziest most dedicated music fans out there, so you know their reactions to the new album are bound to make you laugh. Check out these 10 hilarious Twitter reactions to T-Swift's Lover album.

When you cancel your Spotify subscription:


When even Ellen gets in on the action:


When you know you're dramatic but don't care:

When you find yet another reason why you'll be a Swiftie for life:


When you need to find an oxygen mask because you can't catch your breath:


When you find a song that perfectly describes what you've been going through:


When you know you're gonna get hurt but do it anyway:


When you just. can't. stop. dancing:


When you realize Taylor puts unrealistic ideas in your head:


When you fall asleep snuggling your lover:


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