12 Taylor Swift Memes Appropriate for Any Mood

Despite her reputation in the media, we still love Taylor Swift.

Not only does she consistently deliver catchy tunes that are so relatable and have us singing along, but she's also the topic of some pretty incredible memes.

Keep scrolling for 12 Taylor Swift memes that are appropriate for any mood.

It's still a little comforting that you're winning though:


Sometimes you have to create your own hiding place:


Your brain can only hold so much information:


Being normal is hard:


OMG! I totally wasn't told that two weeks ago:


This is as natural as it gets:


What is this 'outside' you speak of?:


Thank goodness for makeup:


Still not over Dobby tbh:


Yeah, don't put us down for effort:


You've been waiting a long time for this day:


We all know this feeling:

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