Taylor Swift Red Music Video Released!

Taylor Swift has released yet another music video from her latest album, Red. The music video happens to be for the song of the same name, "Red!" Who else can't wait to see the Taylor Swift Red video?Taylor Swift Red Music Video

This latest single from Taylor Swift was released on June 24, and it's great to finally see a video!

It features awesome concert footage and starts with Taylor standing in front of giant crowds sporting a red heart-embossed glittering guitar with hearts. We love her simple white lace top and cute black high-waisted shorts. Taylor has always had a great sense of style and this outfit does not disappoint!

All of the footage seen in the video is from performances from Taylor Swift's Red Tour, which she shared with Ed Sheeran. In each scene, Taylor sports her signature colors of red, white and black.

"Red" is a  romantic song about lost love that really appeals to Taylor's  fans and shows off her pop and country roots.

We're loving the music video's departure from the scripted narrative music video. It's great to see some real footage of Taylor onstage doing what she does best!

Watch the video by clicking here, and tell us what you think of the video in the comments below!