27 Iconic Lyrics From Red (Taylor's Version) to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

What did we all do to deserve Taylor Swift?

Today marks the release of Red (Taylor's Version), her second re-recorded album, and for this one, Taylor went way above and beyond our expectations. Not only does the album feature 20 re-recorded versions of beloved songs, but it also includes 10 previously unreleased "from the vault" songs—as well as a very special message from Taylor.

We know what we'll be listening to all weekend. If you'll be doing the same, keep reading for some of our very favorite lyrics from the album that double as powerful Instagram captions.

For when you feel like destiny is driving you toward something great:

"I'm not sure how I got there, all roads they lead me here."

-"The Last Time"


For when you've just met someone new and they've immediately stolen your heart:

"'Cause all I know is we said, 'Hello,' and your eyes look like coming home."

-"Everything Has Changed"


For when it feels like someone has set out to destroy your life:

"We're a wreck, you're the wrecking ball."



For when you're taking a risk and dearly wishing it pays off:

"Nothing safe is worth the drive."



For when you've been completely let down:

"It would've felt like a million little shining stars had just aligned and I would've been so happy."

-"The Moment I Knew"


For when you and your friends absolutely wreck the living room:

"Oh, we made quite a mess, babe."

-"I Almost Do"


For when it seems like time is passing by way too quickly:

"And I wake up in the middle of the night, it's like I can feel time moving."

-"Nothing New"


For when your relationship has ended, but you're not going to dwell on it for too long:

"Tonight, I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through."

-"Holy Ground"


For when you ignored all of your instincts and got your heart broken by a bad boy:

"I knew you wеre trouble when you walked in, so shame on me."

-"I Knew You Were Trouble"


For when you can't stop thinking about your ex:

"I bet sometimes you wonder 'bout me."

-"I Almost Do"


For finally moving on after a long period of breakup grief:

"I've been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end."

-"Begin Again"


For when all of your relationships feel like they end in disaster:

"We fall in love 'til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time."

-"State of Grace"


For when a special someone is giving you all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings:

"And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, making up for lost time, taking flight, making me feel right."

-"Everything Has Changed"


For all of those conflicting feelings of youth:

"We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time."



For the pic of you and the one you never intend to let go:

"I'll be summer sun for you forever, forever winter if you go."

-"Forever Winter"


For when you're feeling extra wary of having your heart smashed again:

"I can't say hello to you and risk another goodbye."

-"I Almost Do"


For when you know about your crush's feelings for you, but they're not acting on them:

"I know that you like me, and it's kinda frightening standin' here waitin'."

-"Message in a Bottle"


For when you're feeling conflicted about a potential romance:

"Put your lips close to mine, as long as they don't touch."



For shutting down that person in a relationship who keeps flirting with you:

"Don't look at me, you got a girl at home and everybody knows that."

-"Girl at Home"


For your loveliest red, orange and yellow fall photo:

"Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place."

-"All Too Well"


For when you keep dreaming about someone who seems so, so far away:

"In dreams, I meet you in warm conversation and we both wake in lonely beds, different cities."

-"Sad Beautiful Tragic"


For the pic with that person who has completely earned every bit of your love:

"And I love you because you have given me no choice but to."

-"Stay Stay Stay"


For that pic of you and your handsomely dressed prom date:

"The whole place was dressed to the nines and we were dancing, dancing like we're made of starlight."



For when missing someone makes your heart hurt:

"And this is when the feeling sinks in. I don't wanna miss you like this."

-"Come Back…Be Here."


For the pic of a night where anything can happen:

"It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight, to fall in love with strangers."



For when you're glad to finally be out of a hostile situation:

"I know the bravest thing I ever did was run."

-"Better Man"


For telling your ex, in clear terms, that it is not happening:

"We are never, evеr, ever getting back togеther."

-"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


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