The 10 Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From My Experience at Taylor Swift's Reputation Concert

Whether or not you're a fan, you can't deny the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift.

With 53 shows spanning the globe for her Reputation tour, Taylor is selling out stadiums filling 60,000+ people all over the world, crooning the words to her most controversial album yet.

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As someone who has attended a Taylor concert or two (or four) in her life, I have to say, recently seeing her at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles was beyond breathtaking. So much so, that here I am a couple weeks later, still feeling compelled to write this post.

Her vocals are stronger than ever before, her stage presence, dance moves and show production were spot on, and I've never seen (or heard!) a crowd so engaged. Her 2+ hour show was full of O-M-G moments, and I can honestly say it was one of the most fun concerts I've ever attended.

Below, the 10 most jaw-dropping moments from my experience at Taylor Swift's Reputation Concert:

1. Selena Gomez Surprised the Audience

Taylor is known for bringing out her superstar besties on stage, and believe me when I say the crowd went crazy when Taylor's longtime BFF Selena Gomez took the stage to perform "Can't Keep My Hands to Myself." We were all so surprised and excited. You can tell the pair is still super close, too.

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2. She Performed 'All Too Well' on Her Guitar

Despite this being her Reputation tour and playing nearly every song on the new album, Taylor still managed to squeeze in songs from her past. She busted out her guitar for an acoustic version of "All Too Well," and the fans loved it. Rumor has it that Taylor does her research and  plays different oldies depending on which city she's in. Pretty cool, right? She also hopped on the piano keys for "Long Live." Which throwback tracks will your town get?


3. There Were Fireworks, Lots of 'Em!

Typically, fireworks are reserved for a show's grand finale, but not when you're Taylor Swift. The singer had fireworks going  off throughout the entire night and it really amped up the performance value of her songs. They were incredible!

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4. Attendees Received Light-Up Bracelets for the Show

At Taylor's request, each show-goer wore a bracelet that lit up and danced with the music throughout the night. When "Love Story" came on, all the bracelets turned the prettiest shade of pink, and it was truly a spectacle.

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5. The Costumes Were Outrageous (in a Good Way)

Sometimes performers wear the same thing for an entire concert, and we get it, costume changes are no easy feat. But Taylor pulled off a whopping eight costume changes throughout the night, and the looks did not disappoint. My fave was the sparkly striped dress she wore for "Shake it Off"—so fun! But in true Reputation style, there was a sea of black sparkly looks that stole the show, too.

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6. There Was Reputation Confetti

Leave it to Taylor to have every last detail on lock—even down to the bits of confetti that concluded the show. Taylor teased this on her Instagram Stories prior to her tour launch, but seeing the details in person really makes you appreciate how much thought went into making this show epic.


7. There Were Massive Giant Snakes

Taylor has officially taken back the term snake, and the show boasted three ginormous reptiles throughout the performance, paying homage to her lyrics and the infamous dig by Kim Kardashian. The first massive snake came at the start of the show. It was huge and looked so terrifying and life-like! The other two were impressively tall blow-up cobras on her satellite stages out in the crowd.

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8. Her Opening Acts Are Fire

Sometimes an opening act is skippable, but you can count on Taylor to make sure hers are totally on point. Both Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello open for her, and their performances are so good they could be stand alone concerts. The girls also come back out later to perform "Shake it Off" with Taylor, too.


9. She Dances Her Butt Off (But She Doesn't Sweat!)

Over the years, Taylor has taken some harsh criticism for her dancing skills. Let's just say the girl hasn't always been graceful—but she's been logging some serious hours in the studio and it's totally paid off. Her moves were better than ever and she really put on a show. And even after slaying the stage for 2+ hours with her hair down, she didn't seem to break a sweat. Share your secrets, please!

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10. Her Cats Make a Cameo

Any Taylor fan knows that her cats—Meredith and Olivia—are her pride and joy. They even get a shoutout in the song "Gorgeous." So, needless to say, Taylor made sure to give them a cameo during the line "guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats"–the crowd was treated to a hilarious collage of her friendly felines, and they all burst out in laughter.

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