Taylor Swift Reveals the Secret Behind Her Songwriting!

Before Taylor Swift appeared on the BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards last night in London to perform her new single, "Red," she made a special appearance on the Jonathan Ross show to open up about, well, not opening up.

Since Taylor first rose to fame in 2006, she's kept curiously closed-lipped about her personal life in interviews, while baring it all in her songs. In Saturday's interview, she finally revealed why!

"I would much rather my personal life be sung about," Taylor said. "I think it sounds nicer that way, rather than me talking about it in some magazine article."

Makes sense to me! After all, Taylor has taken some of her most heartbreaking experiences and turned them into instant classics.

What so you think of Taylor's policy? Should she come clean in her spoken interviews, or would you rather she keep it to songs? Tell me in the comments below!