Fans Think Taylor Swift May Have Teased a New Album in Very Clever Way

Taylor Swift has been known to leave clues for the curious, and some fans think she's done it again.

The multi-Grammy winner posted what could be just a photo via Instagram on Sunday, Oct. 21—or it could be much more, as UPROXX reports. There are stans out there who think Taylor is teasing her seventh album and that she might have even revealed its release date.

The photo in question is one of Taylor and her mom, Andrea Swift. In it, they're sitting outside with a Scrabble board, about to play a game.  Based on how the photo is framed, it looks like Taylor snapped the pic herself. We can see that she has her game face on, plus some of the tiles in her hand. Those are what have fans speculating about her seventh album.

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The Twitter user @swiftie_paige13 broke down her take on the photo in a tweet. She added up the point values of the visible tiles (B, I, O, I and E), and they came to seven, hence the theory that this photo is teasing Taylor's seventh album. The fan suggested Jan. 1 as a possible release date because of the four tiles with values of one.

There's also the fact that the caption reads "Let the games BEGIN," which could very well hint at something big coming. Of course, this is pure speculation. Taylor's last album came out less than a year ago, as UPROXX pointed out, and she typically has a longer gap between albums.

If Taylor is planning on releasing new music soon, though, this would be a great way to tease it. The singer-songwriter has been known to enjoy codes, after all. Remember all those messages hidden in album liners prior to Reputation? Maybe she's back up to old tricks.

Let the games begin, indeed.

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