Who Will Win The RDMA For Bestest Song Of The Year?!

We're totally thrilled that four of the most jamable songs, "Bad Blood" (by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar), "Cheerleader" (by Omi), "Watch Me" (by Silento), and "Stitches" (by Shawn Mendes), are the Radio Disney Music Award nominees in The Bestest Song Of The Year category this year. And while we totally agree that they're all worthy of winning, we must choose only one before voting closes on April 10th! If you've already voted HERE, we're super impressed, if not, we'll help make your tough decision just a tad easier by bringing to you just a couple of reasons why each song deserves to win.


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"Bad Blood"

If you haven't seen the music video at least a billion times…where have you been!? Take a quick look:

FIERCE. Why should it win?

1. Because, seriously, just take one look at Taylor'powerful girl squad. So much SLAY.

2. And because the song itself is so catchy and constantly stuck in our heads. The fact that Kendrick Lamar is in it makes it that much more amazing. We'd be lying if we said we didn't have his entire rap portion of the song memorized.



Next up, "Cheerleader," by Omi! Try your hardest not to get up and dance?:

Did you not fall madly in love with this song the second it hit the radio?

1. We love it because it's hard not to be obsessed with its feel-good vibe and Omi's sweet Jamaican voice. Totally soothing!

2. And because it is the perfect song for summer. Picture yourself now in the car with your windows down and this song blasting?!


"Watch Me"

Go ahead and whip and nae nae along to this music video before we rant about how much we love this song:

Do we even have to give you reasons why this song deserves your vote?!

1. Because, hello, how would we EVER know how to whip and nae nae without Silento?! We wouldn't, and that is just not OK.

2. And because it's the one song that can instantly pull us out of a bad mood. You can't listen to this song and not smile (and get up and dance, obviously).



Take a second to bask in Shawn's perfection:

There are really too many reasons to love this song, but if we must list a couple…

1. Because, tbh, this is THE only breakup anthem we ever need?. We're here for you, Shawn.

2. And despite this song being superrr sad, Shawn manages to make a sore subject totally adorable. Gahhh we just love him. Such a cutie.

Shawn Mendes At Radio Disney Music Awards

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Is your decision made?! Make sure to vote HERE! And then don't forget to let us know who you are voting for below: