Taylor Swift Helps You Plan The Perfect Slumber Party

Taylor Swift's Instagram puts every other Instagram in existence to shame. Girl has done some pretty awesome things and has plenty of amazing pics to prove it. There's one thing you may have not noticed about Tay's IG. It's full of everything you have to do at a summer slumber party with your BFFs.

First thing you need to do with your girls is go for a fun little swim.

Then you have to get your mom to take you all to Target so you can pick up the hottest music.

Oh, and don't forget the magazines!

Once you get home, it's time to become a true baking queen.

After you've all filled your stomachs with delish treats, it's time for a game of pool.

Remember to take plenty of Polaroids to document it all.

Makeovers are a staple activity for any sleepover.

And you have to find the perfect dresses to go with your new glam look.

Grab all your girls and take an unnecessary amount of group pics.

To close the night, throw an epic dance party with plenty of confetti and stellar tunes.

Then it's time to get in your PJs and get ready for bed, even if you'll probs stay up all night.

Or you'll totally crash…

But then you'll wake up in the morning, have some OJ with your friends and relive the epic night you all had!


What's the most epic slumber party experience you've ever had? Tell us all about it in the comments below.