Taylor Swift: "The International Success Has Been The Most Beautiful, Pleasant Surprise"

It's no secret that the United States is in love with Taylor Swift, but we aren't the only ones– Taylor just finished up the last leg of her Asian tour and couldn't get over how large her presence was there. In an interview with Associated Press, the country starlet expresses her gratitude and excitement towards her huge international success.

"The international success has been the most beautiful, pleasant surprise… Being welcomed by countries that speak a different language than the language that I speak is an honor. It really touches me every time I look down and I see all the fans singing the words to my songs."

She goes on to say, "Geographically, I thought that I'd never get to go to these places in my life and the fact that I get to go to these places and play music I've written about my life and look down into the crowd and know that the fans relate to that…I love country music and i love the fact that it's been excepted all over the world. That is so exciting for me!"

Congrats T.Swift- you deserve it!