Taylor Swift Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

In addition to the customary lucky "13" written on her hand for every performance, new ink has been spotted on Taylor Swift during her sold out Speak Now Tour. On each stop, concert-goers have been wondering what the scrawling words written along Taylor's left arm mean.

No, they aren't there in case she forgets the lyrics of one of her chart-topping hits, but they are someone's lyrics! They are the lyrics of other artists from songs that inspire her, and most of the time, the lyrics have some connection to the location of that particular tour stop.

On the opening night of the tour, Taylor paid tribute to her BFF Selena Gomez by writing "You've got every right to a beautiful life," lyrics from the hit summer smash "Who Says" along her arm.

On July 11th in Detroit, Michigan, Taylor paid tribute to Detroit native Eminem when she wrote "You better lose yourself in the music", lyrics from Em's hit song Lose Yourself.

On June 12th, Swift sang in front of her parents in her current hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The Sugarland lyrics she wrote on her arm seemed to dedicated to her parents in the audience when she wrote "Remember me in ribbons and curls, love your baby girl" from the song Baby Girl.

When Swift performed in her home state, Pennsylvania, on June 18th, the Montgomery Gentry lyrics from the song My Town she used were dedicated to her childhood: "Where I was born, Where I was raised, Where I keep all my yesterdays".

Taylor has also written lyrics on her arm by Faith Hill, Jimmy Eats World, U2, Kenny Chesney, Gavin Degraw, Mandy Moore and others.

I think it is really sweet that Taylor is giving us an inside look into her thoughts and emotions as she travels around the country on tour. Taylor does a great job connecting with her audiences and this is yet another example of how she is so relatable to all of her fans!

Keep it up Tay, we can't wait to see what you write on your next stop!