The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Best Onstage Guests

Taylor Swift  knows how to put on one spectacular show, and the BEST part of her shows is when she brings out a special guest to sing with her. While Tay has had countless fabulous guest performers, we've ranked the 13 all-time best just for you!

13. Gigi Hadid had a blast strutting her stuff with Tay during "Style"

12. Taylor proved she could totally rock out when she performed with Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.

11. And she showed off some serious attitude when she performed with Jennifer Lopez.

10. Tay's performance with Andy Grammer was too cute.

9. Hunter Hayes and Tay made the perfect duo.

8. Taylor's friend Hayley Williams brought the punk to the stage.

7. Cher Lloyd and Tay put on an absolutely adorable performance.

6. Tay and Nicki Minaj performing together? SLAY!

5. Ellie Goulding just shines onstage with her gal pal.

4. Why can't Katy Perry and Tay go back to being friends again?

3. No list would be complete without a performance from Ed Sheeran.

2. Oh, and we couldn't forget this throwback performance with Justin Bieber.

1. Tay's performance with her BFF Selena Gomez is just priceless!


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