The New Tea by Sugarfina Collection Is JUST What You Need to Pamper Yourself

If you love drinking a delicious cup of tea to pick yourself at any time of the day, chances are you'll enjoy the new Tea by Sugarfina collection.

These tasty new treats inspired by incredible tea flavors are sure to delight tea-drinkers everywhere, and they're officially out today. Ahead of the release, the folks at Sugarfina reached out and asked if I'd be interested in trying them out for myself. I happily agreed, and here's what I thought of them.

The Collection

The Tea by Sugarfina collection is designed to be an adorable gift or the perfect way to treat yourself for a job well done. These all-new treats borrow their flavors from many kinds of tasty tea, and the new line includes both unusual gummy bears and flavored white chocolate bars.

3.8 oz. gummy bear boxes in Matcha, Peach Tea and Rose Tea flavors are available for $7.95 each, and the elegant Tea by Sugarfina 3-Piece Candy Bento Box retails for $28, bundling all three flavors. The new collection also includes 3.5 oz. white chocolate bars in three flavors: Lemon Green Tea, Matcha and Earl Grey for $9.95 each. You can even get all of these tasty goodies in the Sereni-tea Bundle at a discounted price of $50 HERE.

Sugarfina Tea Collection Artwork

(via Sugarfina)


Taste Test

Matcha Bears

I was sent the tea-flavored gummy bears as part of the Candy Bento Box, and the first thing I have to say is that the packaging is stunning. The matcha-inspired pastel tone is super elegant, with a textured surface and gold and black detail, and it's not made of cheap cardboard. This is the kind of box I'll probably hold onto long after the candy is gone, simply because it'll be a nice place to store things due to both its appearance and its sturdiness.

Sugarfina Tea Collection candy bento box

Of course, I was even more impressed with what was inside. Like many Sugarfina candies, these gummy bears came in a clear plastic cube, with a big emphasis on the aesthetic. The gummy bears themselves had an opaque green color to match the packaging, making it clear these weren't any ordinary gummy bears.

Sugarfina Tea Collection matcha bears

(via Sugarfina)

Once I bit into one, I found the flavor slightly difficult to place. They were a little fruity, and a little tart, with a slight earthy matcha flavor that seemed to give way to something like apple. Texture-wise, they had some firm bite to them, like a Haribo gummy bear. I wouldn't immediately associate the taste with matcha tea, but that didn't stop me from coming back to nibble on them again and again.


Peach Tea Bears

The Peach Tea Bears were my most highly anticipated items in the collection because I love the flavor or peach iced teas, and these bears didn't disappoint in the slightest. These bears had an appealing pink-orange tint, and opening the box made their delicious scent waft right up into my nose. I couldn't wait.

Sugarfina Tea Collection Peach Tea Bears

(via Sugarfina)

It only took one bite to know that these were winners. The texture was identical to the bears that had come before it, and the flavor was everything I needed it to be. The peach aroma was fruity and bright, with the slightest hint of iced tea goodness adding a unique richness to the overall taste. While these bears aren't quite gone just yet, I have a feeling they won't last much longer in my household.


Rose Tea Bears

These Rose Tea Bears have such an inviting pink tone that I couldn't help but dig into them immediately. Again, they were texturally just like the other bears, but these ones had a unique aroma that made them quite different from anything I've had before.

Sugarfina Tea Collection Rose Tea Bears

(via Sugarfina)

The flavor starts off bold and fruity before mellowing out into an almost tart floral flavor. I've had rosewater-flavored treats before, and these don't quite taste like that, but I think these may be more palatable to a general audience. I certainly couldn't get enough of them.


Matcha White Chocolate Bar

Of the three white chocolate bars in the Tea by Sugarfina collection, they opted to send me their Matcha bar. I only had to have one bite to find out why. While I'm not usually the biggest fan of sweet white chocolate, I think earthy matcha, with its slight grassy flavor, is its perfect complement in this bar, made even better with the addition of crispy rice for a little texture.

Sugarfina Tea Collection Matcha White Chocolate Bar

(via Sugarfina)

If you've ever had Green Tea Kit Kats from Japan, you know just how good the combination of green tea and white chocolate can be, and I think this version strikes a more delicate and delicious balance between the flavors. It's also quite rich, and the fact that the bar can be broken up into 24 individual pieces will help you really savor it.


Bottom Line

I don't think I've ever met a Sufarfina confection I didn't like, so if you're worried about flavor, you can rest assured that everything in the Tea by Sugarfina collection is delightful. Because of their refined packaging and composition, they make awesome gifts that really tell someone that you care.

Sugarfina Tea Collection full set

(via Sugarfina)

However, luxury also comes with a price. Sugarfina probably isn't ever going to be a go-to brand for those on a budget because they know what they're worth, and charge accordingly. But if you do have that little extra to spend, I don't think you'll regret it. These candies really are worth it.


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