These Unique Tea Infusers Are Undoubtedly the Cutest Way to Make Tea

If teatime has been getting too dull for you, these colorful characters are totally ready step up your sipping game.


Robot: $9

robot tea infuser

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This little guy is stainless steel, so he certainly looks the part. And if you don't have any looseleaf tea around, he also serves as a handy drip tray.


Manatee: $9.73

manatee tea infuser

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Whether you call it a mana-tea or a tea cow, this fella's ready to get brewing.

Shark: $5.85


shark tea infuser

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Get over your fear of sharks with the help of this friendly fish.


Deep Sea Diver: $3.66

deep sea diver tea infuser

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This deep tea diver is willing to swim the depths to bring you a delicious cuppa.


Rubber Ducky: $8.96

rubber ducky tea infuser

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Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make teatime lots of fun.


T-Rex: $7.33

t-rex tea infuser

Think the "T" in "T-Rex" stands for Tyrannosaurus? Wrong. It simply means "tea."

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Sheep: $6

sheep tea infuser

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Enjoy a nice cup of tea before bed with this infuser and you'll be done counting sheep in no time.


TARDIS: $10.68

tardis tea infuser

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This TARDIS infuser is just what the Doctor ordered.


Yellow Submarine: $10.02

yellow submarine tea infuser

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We can't all live in a yellow submarine, but now it can help you steep your next cup of tea.


Pug: $6.99

pug tea infuser

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There should be a pug in your mug.


Platypus: $8.99

platypus tea infuser

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Platypuses are a bit of a mystery. They have the bill of a duck, the tail of a beaver and poisonous otter feet, plus they lay eggs. Now, you can add "tea infuser" to the list.


Umbrella: $9.99

umbrellas tea infuser

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This infuser is just the thing for a cup on a rainy day.


Whale: $12.11

whale tea infuser

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"I'm a little tea whale, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout."


Monkey: $5.30

monkey tea infuser

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Because at one point or another, everyone has wanted a monkey butler to bring them hot drinks.


Nessie: $17.31

loch ness monster tea infuser

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Even if the Loch Ness monster is just a myth, this Nessie infuser is confirmed to be real, and 100 percent legendary.


Tea Man: $5

tea man tea infuser

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Your teacup is this tiny infuser man's personal hot tub.


Owl: $10

owl tea infuser

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These wise old owls will help you make it through your next cram session (by helping with the tea).


Skull and Bones: $9.22

skull and crossbones tea infuser

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Perfect for those of us who like our tea dark.


Sloth: $7.29

sloth tea infuser

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Kristen Bell would freak.


Octopus: $9.79

octopus tea infuser

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What has eight legs and wants to brew you a cup of tea? This guy.


Seahorse: $2.98

seahorse tea infuser

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This sea horse has moved up a grade to "tea horse."


Pig: $6

pig tea infuser

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This little piggy cried, "Tea, tea tea," all the way home.


Hippo: $10

hippo tea infuser

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This cuddly hippo just wants to lounge around in your teacup. Don't deny him that!


Squirrel: $7.95

squirrel tea infuser

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These nutty squirrels are all about brewing a cup for you.


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