6 Tea Remedies That Will Heal You Physically and Emotionally

The cold season is among us, and we mean that in the weather and viral sense. Along with chilly weather comes a season of head colds and coughs.

Find out the many different ways you can use tea to heal everything from an upset stomach, to puffy eyes and anxiety.

Scroll below and learn how to use these all-natural leaves to soothe your sniffles without having to gulp down gag-worthy cold syrup.

1. Get Well Soon Concoction

A nice cup of hot tea can do wonders for your health. Add cloves to a relaxing cup of chamomile to break up congestion and open up your sinuses. Drizzle a teaspoon of honey to coat a sore throat. After a few cups of this concoction, you'll be feeling better in no time.

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2. Rid Your Under-Eye Bags

Brew a couple bags of green tea to make comforting pillows for your puffy eyes. Of course, allow them to cool before pressing them against your skin. Whether your eyes are sore from sickness or puffy from a sleepless night, the green tea leaves will reduce the swelling and smell great, too.


3. Soothe an Upset Stomach

Peppermint, ginger and cinnamon teas are perfect for soothing an upset stomach. Peppermint will calm your stomach while ginger will ease a flu-like chill.


4. Dry Skin Serum

The cold weather can be harsh on our faces and dry out our skin. Spritz or dab a little cooled green tea on your face twice a day to give yourself a glow (while minimizing the appearance of pores). 


5. Calm Your Nerves

The winter season can be a stressful time. Finals are among us, family expectations skyrocket and gift-giving can become a downright nightmare. For whatever causes you stress, black, green and oolong tea is here for you.

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6. Green Tea Lip Sugar Scrub

A little green tea, a little coarse sugar and a little oil is all you need to create a healing sugar scrub for your lips. Just like your skin, your lips are prone to chapping and damage from the freezing temperatures of winter. Rub away the dryness with a DIY sugar scrub that's just as tasty as a cup of tea.


If you're as excited about tea as we are, you'll want to use one of THESE adorable infusers that will step up any cup of tea.