Get to Know Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber Teala Dunn

Teala Dunn—an OG Sweety High favorite, stole our hearts years ago.

With more than 3.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channels, this little boss lady has built herself quite the empire. From doing guest appearances on television shows, to partnering with incredible brands, to becoming friends with fellow YouTubers, we've watched Teala blossom into a beautiful soul.

We chatted with Teala for our new series, Beauty Lessons, and she gave us the tea on all things beauty. We learned that she was born in New Jersey, so she has an east-coast edge to her that you won't find in Cali girls.

Interested to learn more? Keep reading for Teala's lowdown on all things beauty!

beauty lessons

(Courtesy of Teala Dunn)

Sweety High: Take us through your journey to YouTube success. When was the defining moment you knew beauty was one of your passions, and how was the process gaining popularity once you launched your channel?

Teala Dunn: I started my beauty channel back in 2015 by chance. After shopping one day, I decided to do a haul and shortly discovered that there is a whole other community out there. That's how my vlog channel was born!


SH: What's the one beauty item you can't live without?

TD: I wouldn't be able to live without Chapstick. No matter where I go, my lips must stay fresh and moist.


SH: What's your personal favorite beauty moment of all time?

TD: My favorite beauty moment was traveling to Tokyo (video HERE) with Benefit Cosmetics.

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SH: What's been your career highlight or coolest thing you've gotten to do through work so far?

TD: I had the opportunity to be a guest star in Kian & JC's The Reality House #2. I can't say much—it's a secret!—but expect a lot of excitement.


SH: What's your favorite athleisure brand or item?

TD: Hands down Alo Yoga.


SH: Which beauty products should be on our radar?

TD: I love Born This Way by Too Faced, Tarte's Shape Tape and all of Benefit's Brow Kits.

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SH: What's a popular beauty blunder that you try to avoid?

TD: I'm not keen on sleeping with makeup. Some people are okay with it, but it's so bad for your skin.


SH: If you could give your younger self beauty advice, what would it be?

TD: No blue eyeshadow. I would always go for blue on the eyes when experimenting. Total fail! [laughs]

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SH: What's your ultimate career goal?

TD: I want to travel the world and book a bomb TV series as the lead.


SH: What's something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

TD: I'm allergic to cats and pineapple!


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