Here's Everything You Need to Know About Actress and YouTube Star Teala Dunn

Teala Dunn has made an appearance in a few of our fave shows including The Thundermans and Dog with a Blog. Her success, however, does not stop there.

After her breakout role on the hit show Are We There Yet, she has gained over one million subscribers on YouTube! We have to say we're not sorry at all that she popped up on our radar because we love seeing more of her on TV and social media.

Find out even more about her including her Starbucks addiction, hobbies and travel experiences below!

Teala Dunn WCW art

(Photo courtesy of Teala Dunn)

Name: Teala Dunn

Birthplace: New Jersey

Birthday: Dec. 8

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Fun Facts:

1. Before any of her major on-screen roles, she spent time voicing the character Tuck on Wonder Pets! 

2. She has a lot of wisdom to provide about success. Her beliefs center around hard work, persistence and growth. All qualities a fierce female needs in life (and maybe a fur coat).

3. She keeps a journal and writes in it every day—something we find important.

4. Like most of us, she's completely addicted to Starbucks. We'll have to compare notes on favorite drinks some time.

| what's your favorite Starbucks drink??? Guess mine!????

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5. She's great friends with one of our faves Baby Ariel. This is a friendship match made in heaven. Now all we're missing is a video collaboration!

| miss this one! When do you go back to school??????

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6. She loves London, England. This classic phone booth pic is obviously a must when you go there.

7. She frequently hits up Disneyland with her BFFs. This is the type of #squadgoals we just can't compete with.

| missing Disneyland ???????????? tag your squad

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