Team USA Olympic Athletes You Didn't Know Were Sisters

It's not uncommon for siblings to compete either with or against each other in sports, but doing so on an Olympic level is pretty crazy.

Get to know these five pairs of sisters competing in the Olympics together for Team USA by scrolling on down.

Courtney and Kelley Hurley, Fencers

This will be the first year Courtney and Kelley compete against each other in the women's épée individual event. Seeing as Courtney is ranked first and Kelley is ranked second in the national senior team point standings, it's likely they'll win gold and silver.


Aria and Makenzie Fischer, Water Polo Players

Makenzie and Aria are two of the youngest American athletes in the Olympics at just 19 and 17 years old. They must have an incredibly strong bond after spending all that time training together.

Opening Ceremonies was amazing! Definitely a night I will never forget????❤️

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Julia and Katie Reinprecht, Field Hockey Players

In the 2012 Olympics, the women's field hockey team came in last place. But the sisters weren't going to accept defeat this year. Team USA had a major upset victory over medal-favorite Argentina on Saturday, Aug. 6. Way to go, girls!


Margaux and Isabella Isaksen, Modern Pentathletes

You're probably wondering what exactly they do. Same. These sisters pretty much compete in the craziest sport ever. In a modern pentathlon, athletes take part in a series of five different events: fencing, 200-meter freestyle swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting and 3200-meter cross-country running. Insane.


Venus and Serena Williams, Tennis Players

We're pretty positive you've heard of these ladies, because they've been taking the tennis world by storm for years now. They individually competed against each other in the women's tennis singles, but they also played with each other as a women's doubles team. Must be strange taking on your sister one day and then having her as your teammate the next.

Our first gold

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