All The Proof Team USA Has What It Takes To Win The #WWC2015

After an amazing victory against Germany, our girls on Team USA are heading to the Women's World Cup Finals this Sunday, July 5. So keep your 4th of July celebrations going by cheering on these amazing women as they take on Japan. This match is going to be one serious battle, but we know our girls can bring home the trophy and here's why.


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The girls have had one heck of a tournament. They've only allowed ONE goal against them. And since that one goal, they haven't let another one in for 513 straight minutes. But that's not really a big deal-it's a HUGE deal.


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Our defense has literally been a brick wall each and every game. No one has been able to get past Julie Johnston, who's had one flawless run this World Cup.


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And Megan Rapinoe has been a major force to be reckoned with in the midfield. We're convinced she's faster than the speed of light.

We also have to talk about the fabulous forwards that are Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach. Both ladies have created some stellar opportunities for Team USA. Let's bring back this video of Abby's unreal goal from the last World Cup, shall we?

Team USA has plenty of supporters backing them up. Celebs like Nick Jonas are tweeting some love to the team.


And so are former Team USA players. Oh hey, Mia Hamm (AKA soccer legend)!


More importantly, they support each other.


Now Team USA will play Japan, better known as the team we lost the cup to in the previous World Cup. But our girls are hungry for the win.


We wish the best of luck to Team USA! Leave some support of your own for the girls in the comments down below.