11 Tech Gadgets You'll Be Obsessed With This Fall

There are so many crazy apps and gadgets out there today, but these 11 are the only ones worthy of your time. Some of these are ones we're still dreaming about because they're a little beyond babysitting money, but if you have even one of these, people are desperately going to wish they were you.

1. Axent Cat Ear Headphones

What is it? Cat ear headphones with ears that double as external speakers.

Why we're obsessed: Duh. Have you seen them? 

Get it!


2. Mighty Purse

What is it? A purse with a built in phone charger

Why we're obsessed: Not only did Mighty Purse have the brilliant idea to charge your phone while it's IN your purse, but they're also super cute! We particularly love this one, this one and this one.


3. The Mia Case

What is it? An iPhone case with a secret compartment for all of your makeup needs

Why we're obsessed: It's makeup IN your phone! The compartment isn't huge, but it's big enough to accommodate your essentials, plus it's got a mirror and applicator brushes. They literally thought of everything.

Get it!


4. Ringly

ringly ring and app tech gadgets 2015

(via Urban Wearables)

What is it? A ring that syncs up with your phone to notify you when you've got calls, texts and notifications on social media 

Why we're obsessed: We already needed more giant rings in our lives, and this one happens to be like a mini personal assistant. Finally, we'll be able to stop checking our phones every 3 seconds!

Get it!


5. WristBoom

What is it? A wireless speaker… on a watch!

Why we're obsessed: It looks like a super cute chunky watch and it sounds SO good!

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6. The Selfie Toaster

What is it? A toaster that prints your selfie onto slices of toast so you can eat your self…ie

Why we're obsessed: Because we can get our face on toast! Basically, you send in a high-def image of yourself when your order your toaster, and two weeks later you receive special plates that will toast bread with your image. Or (and hear us out here) you can send in a pic of your celeb crush and eat Harry Styles toast every morning. Think about it.

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7. #HELLO Jeans

What is it? Pants that charge your phone!

Why we're obsessed: Joe's makes cute jeans to begin with, so the added charger pack in the pocket is just a massive bonus. Just don't leave the battery pack in your pocket when you put it in the washing machine.


8. 3Doodler

What is it? A pen that lets you draw 3D objects with strands of melted plastic

Why we're obsessed: We know this one is sort of old, but who doesn't want to make fab 3D sculptures with a pen every day of their lives?

Get it!


9. Hidrate

What is it? A water bottle with an accompanying app that tracks how much water you're drinking and glows when you should be hydrating more!

Why we're obsessed: This is THE gadget of the year for the athletes out there. Not only do the bottles look SO sleek, but we honestly all need a reminder to drink more water.

Get it!


10. Prynt

What is it? An iPhone case that PRINTS PHOTOS

Why we're obsessed: Prynt will let you snap, edit and print a photo in seconds. It's basically Polaroid 2.0.

Get it!


11. Disney Color and Play

What is it? An app that transforms characters from your Disney coloring book into crazy 3D renderings through your iPhone. If that doesn't make sense, the video is uh-mazing.

Why we're obsessed: So this app MIGHT be for small children, but coloring books should be embraced by everyone. You can color the characters however you like and see them in glorious 3D. We haven't been this excited in a LONG time.

Get it!


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