These New Jeans Can Charge Your iPhone. What's Next?

It's been a big week for denim fans! A brand new jean collection called #Hello can charge your phone, and a company called Shreddies makes jeans that can stop farts dead in their tracks. That's some great denim tech, but we have some recommendations on how the fashion industry can take things another step further.

hello jeans charger

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Idea #1: Jeans that detect your stomach rumbling and immediately order delivery from your fave restaurant.


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Jean shopping is a nightmare for tall and short girls alike. Back To the Future Part II had self-lacing shoes and adjustable sleeves in its version of 2015, so where are our self-hemming pants? 

marty mcfly future adjusting clothes

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Or this revolutionary idea: Pants that get a little looser around the waist once they realize you've just had a big meal. 

cara delevingne eating big hamburger

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Maybe pockets? That can actually hold stuff? Are jeans companies conspiring with the handbag people to make money? (Because it's working)

jean pockets please

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Better yet, we need jeans that can morph between boot cut, straight cut, skinny and everything in between, because the fashion world refuses to pick a winner and that makes our wallets sad.

jeans morph boot straight skinny

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We would pay serious money for jeans that work out on your behalf while you reap the cardio benefits.

gym jeans workout

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And jeans that put themselves on and take themselves off would be beyond magical. Yes, there's always the potential for a denim uprising, but that would be worth the risk.

the wrong trousers wallace and gromit

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What's your dream pair of jeans? Tell us everything in the comments!