This Ted Baker Bag Belongs In Your Closet

Ted Baker is known for its beautiful floral designs and upscale fashion pieces, but my favorite has to be their bags.

Whether it's a handbag, tote bag, shoulder bag, belt bag or something else, Ted Baker always does it right. So when the brand reached out to me about testing out one of their nylon bags, I jumped at the chance. They have a new unisex nylon tote bag range that features a backpack, puffer tote and belt bag. I opted for the belt bag because I knew I'd use that one the most. Keep scrolling for my full review of the Ted Baker NIQILA Leopard Detail Puffer Belt Bag.

The Purse

NIQILA Leopard Detail Puffer Belt Bag: $130

Crafted from certified recycled polyester, this unisex belt bag is everything I could want in a fanny pack. It's water-proof, is made from quilted puffer and is super sturdy. In fact, I took it out with me to Sea World the other day, and after being splashed by water on the rides, my purse should have been drenched. However, nothing on the inside got wet at all. My outfit, on the other hand, could not be saved.


(via Ted Baker)

My favorite part has to be the orange leopard design. The bright color looked great during the summer months and will seamlessly transition to fall. I'm thinking this will look perfect on trips to the pumpkin patch or even just to the beach. After all, I live in San Diego, and it's beach weather year-round.

Perhaps the best part about this belt bag is the strap itself. The buckle isn't like a typical fanny pack's—black and plastic. Instead, it's a gunmetal silver and is actually rather weighted. I personally love a purse that doesn't feel like it's going anywhere, and that's exactly what I get with this Ted Baker one.


(via Ted Baker)


Bottom Line

If you're on the hunt for the perfect belt bag or fanny pack that looks designer but it'crazy expensive, I couldn't recommend this one from Ted Baker enough. I've loved every moment I've had it and can't wait to continue to wear it all season long.


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